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Research for using them on a Linux Platform!

Last update : 27 March 1999 / 09.41 CET


The purpose of this page is merely to consolidate (for public review) my findings, thus far, on the various SCSI -> Ethernet solutions that the Linux community may have access to if we convince the right people that supporting our platform is worth while. The Linux community definately has the resources to get a project like this off the ground. But therefor I need your support ! I have also started a "Hardware Petition" that I am using to help leverage all the support we can. I need also people who are willing to offer money so we can buy a few adaptors for the software developers.
Once I have all the necessary technical specifications, we only need programmers to write the drivers. Are there any programmers who would like to join this project?
If you can see yourself wanting to buy such a device then go fill out the petition ! This will help our cause greatly.

I will try and keep this page updated showing the latest info I have on the subject.

Keep the Faith,

Karl Samyn
aka Saka

Frequently Asked Questions

Question What IS a SCSI <--> Ethernet Adaptor?
Answer Basically, just a black box that hooks to a computer's SCSI bus to an Ethernet (Local Area Network) bus and lets you connect to an Ethernet TCP/IP network! i.e. Hook your Linux machine to WinNT, AmigaOS, MacOS X, UNIX, TOS or whatever!

Question How much do they go for?
Answer They can get a bit pricy (EURO 130-260!) but I am checking around for the lowest...
USD 164 (about EURO 145) for a Sonic MicroSCSI Desktop Ethernet adaptor.

Question Are there DRIVERS for these things for Linux?
Answer NOT YET! THAT is why we need Linux programmers to come together to help work on this! EMAIL ME if you have the experience, skills, and resources (no beginners please)...

The Concept

[connection principle]

Ethernet <--> SCSI Support Petition For Linux

By sending in this entry, you are signing a petition to be used to solicit Linux SCSI <--> Ethernet Adaptor hard/software support.

-- Only ONE entry per person please --

Your Email:
Full Name:
Max EURO willing to pay for such a device:
Max EURO willing to contribute to buy such a device for the developers:
Country(3 char):
Which Ethernet Interface(s) do you need? 10-Base2 (BNC thinwire)
10-BaseT (RJ-45 twisted pair: requires hub)
AUI (D-Sub 15 Locking)

You can find a currancy convertor to convert your currancy to EURO.

Some manufacturer Links

Company--Device Updates
Asante--Desktop EN/SC No support!
Sonic--microSCSI Sonicsystems no longer produces the microSCSI.
Dayna--Pocket SCSI/Link No support!
Barry Schut Is manufacturing a SCSI <--> Ethernet Adaptor at the moment.
(March 1999)
RFC 2143 Covers IP over SCSI.

[Asante Desktop EN/SC]

The Asante Desktop EN/SC is pictured (just to show you what they look like)...

Readers Feedback & Good Info

Info #4: Programmers take note !

Russel, who started a similar project as this one for Linux powered computers, got mail from Asante Tech Support.

[...] the En/SC device is a standard SCSI to Ethernet device I would believe that the interface specifications about how this port is addressed would be available (and much more expansive) from the OEM of the platform, Apple, in the form of a Developers Toolkit or API kit. Our Ethernet device adhears to the specifications for devices attached to this port and these standards are outlined in the ToolKit.
Russelll Magee (from the Atari/Linux community)

Info #3: Programmers take note !

[...] One hint : When developing a driver for the SCSI adapter please remember the universal SCSI driver for all ATARIs (and MagiCMac) from Steffen Engel, Germany, to access any SCSI device connected to any SCSI port. I think it would make things much easier. Besides your driver has not to cope with hardware directly, no problems with MagiC and/or background DMA and so on.
Carsten Krumnow (from the Atari community)

Info #2: Programmers take note !

[...] called the Asante mini en/sc adapter, it has only Macintosh drivers on a high density 3.5" disk. It has a db25f on one end and an rj45 on the other end and uses an Amd SCSI chip AMPAL18 P8AJC 33824YR A, a NS9324AJ DP83902AVLJ, a TI 3311FST AS648, a NS P37AL 74F373 among others of course.
Victor Bobier (from the Atari community)

Info #1: Programmers take note !

[...] the m68k (maybe others too?) NetBSD ports have a se0 driver for a Cabletron SCSI-Ethernet device. I don't know how close the commands are to these models, but it may be a good starting point if someone is going to write a driver.
John Wittkoski (from the Amiga community)

This file was originally created
by Thomas Weeks (Amiga platform).
Further editing was done by Karl Samyn.
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