You can be a museum or you can be modern, but you can't be both.
Gertrude Stein

Meaning is contextbound, but context is boundless.
J. Culler (On Deconstruction, 1982)

If you can't quote Ranganathan's five laws of library science verbatim, you suck.
Karen Elliot (What I Really Learned in Library School, MRSST Newsletter, Spring 1999 v.12 #1)

Be proud of what you are... You are a Librarian!
A Tangognat project

Utopia is the other side of criticism. Only a critical age can generate utopias.
Octavio Paz

If it can't dance, it's not my revolution.
Emma Goldman

Without a problem, there is no project.
Joe Di Stefano (A List Apart, Issue No. 177)

Art is the whole point of civilization. Well, the arts, sciences, and philosophy in general. If you never progress beyond eating, reproduction and the avoidance of predators, you might as well be a squirrel.
Matthew White (A Quick Overview of Twentieth Century Art)

Heeft de computerrevolutie meer weg van het gebruik van een nieuw muziekinstrument of van de uitvinding van de drukpers?
Alan Kay (Why the computer revolution hasn't happened yet, 1997)

If the medium is the message, the user is the content.
Marshal McLuhan (Letter to The Listener, 11.08.1971)

Ein Buch is a book est un livre . . .
Tobias Lange (

Il ne s´agit pas d´un style mais d´une attitude devant la vie, engagée vis-à -vis d´une nouvelle communauté dans laquelle l´art serait intégré.
Phil Mertens

Some might consider it outdated to think about women artists as a group, unnecessary in a post-feminist age. But it is still crucial. Awareness of past discrimination against women and how this has formed the collections we see - our view of art history - and attention to the continuing difficulties rewarding women's work today are essential if women artists are to have the place they deserve in the galleries, the exhibitions, the art history of the future.
Alicia Foster (Guardian, Is this fair? - 07.04.2004)