Mensen met grijs haar zijn aardige, vriendelijke, vredelievende, wijze, door en door goede mensen.
Wim de Bie (Bieslog, entry Tegen de vergrijzingsdoem)

The current environment (of traditional art cataloging, SS) still encourages us to cram all resources into the structure of our opacs, most often MARC-based at the moment. Work on portals and gateways, as well as the influence of a Googleized information world, may lead us to an envrionment where shared standards such as MARC, EAD, ISAD(G) and CCO and shared vocabulary standards such as LCSH, AAT, ULAN, and RBGENR will allow access to resources from their 'home' context. Using standards allows us to more easily map data from one place to antother, either for moving the data itself or searching for like data in different contexts. The recent work on functional requirements for bibliographic and authority records (FRBR and FRAR) also leads one to dream of more cohesive responses to searches that will be richly cognizant of relationships between works, agents and subjects.
Sherman Clarke (The art of cataloging, Art Libraries Journal, 2004:4, 4)

Cataloging is contextual, and it is not an exact science. It is also traditional and just as information is expanding by leaps and bounds, so cataloging is diversifying and coming together.
Sherman Clarke (The art of cataloging, Art Libraries Journal, 2004:4, 3)

The Library is a growing organism.
R. Ranganathan (Five Laws of Library Science)

Soms denk ik dat je aan tweehonderd km per uur leeft.
Jens De Groot

De culturele sector zou alvast kunnen starten met het ontsluiten van de informatie waarover zij beschikt naar aanleiding van een programma of creatie. Een volgende stap bestaat uit de vraag hoe die gerelateerde documentatie en informatie ook kan aangevuld worden door de gebruikers zelf.
Dirk De Wit (Cultuurcommunicatie en internet, 09.2004)

This (New, Integrated, SS) Catalogue unites a number of previously separate sources to list over twelve million items in the British Library's outstanding collections (...) Not in the Integrated Catalogue: Manuscripts Catalogue, Sound Archive Catalogue, Other Catalogues not in the Integrated Catalogue, Images Online, Collect Britain.
The British Library Board (announcement of the new OPAC, 09.2004)

Go to MY SURF and there you find a landscape of URL's (direct links to websites) that are related to the themes of this production (by S. Decostere, SS). These links are available randomly and also in a list. This allows you to either choose arbitrarily, or from the comprehensive list. The complete list of URL's will be updated every now and then.
Stefaan Decostere (Warum Wir Männer die Technik so Lieben project)

eh is een nieuw werk van Gerlach en Koop, (...). eh bestaat uit twee delen: het ene is een versie op schaal van het andere en in oplage, zodat u er een kunt meenemen.
persbericht Stichting V/H de Gemeente

Emancipatiebewegingen worden opgezet door non-conformisten en voortgezet door conformisten.
Hans Goedkoop (Vrij Nederland, 28.09.2004)

Love is, together with art en morality, the discovery of reality.
Iris Murdoch

An example of a simultaneous translation of James Cohan (Gallery)'s Wim Wenders press release.
First, the press release:
This exhibition focuses on Wenders' panoramas -- some which measure up to fifteen feet long -- from his extensive travels to Australia and Japan. Wenders' photographs act as archaeological dioramas, recording a specific moment in the life of a place. Each photograph tells not one, but many poignant stories; the transience of being, the antithesis of city and desert, the earth absent of urban civilization.
Now, the official MAN translation:
This exhibition features really big c-prints. They're pretty much like all the other really big, really colorful c-prints you can see around Chelsea, but these are made by Wim Wenders, which makes them different. Each photograph tells us not one, but many poignant, familiar stories because many of them are based on complete visual cliches: the sun coming through the branches of trees or a broad panoramic landscape, perfectly split by a dirt road heading for the nearest horizon. You'll want to own these pictures because you're so familiar with them already. Familiarity breeds sold-out editions of five. Or so we hope.
Tyler Green (Modern Art Notes-blog, entry 13.09.2004)

De attitude tegenover het homohuwelijk hangt samen met geslacht, leeftijd en religie. Mannen, ouderen en katholieken zijn er vaker tegen gekant.
Holebitext (bericht op 14.09.2004)

A man's library is a sort of harem.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (The Conduct of Life, 1860)

The best way to stay public (for a library, SS) is to be public - truly, defiantly, radically public.
Naomi Klein (Librarianship as a Revolutionary Choice, 2003)

Ephemera: Published matter intended to last only for a very short time (from the Greek ephemeros, "lasting a day"), like broadsheets, leaflets, pamphlets, and all manner of cheaply produced visual materials. Museologists and art conservators rack their brains over how to preserve visual art produced without high technical standards, serving to meet ephemeral needs, as in some Dada, say, or in preparatory drawings.
Robert Belton ('Words of Art Dictionary)

It is a challenge to write a biography of a man (...) who was an auto-didact whose only real job was as a librarian, (...)
The Economist (review of the new Borges-biography by Edwin Williamson, 09.09.2004)

Op de derde verdieping! .... die kleur! ... dat felgeel, um, dat helgroen... dat is afgrijselijk! ... Het moet weg.

Het lijkt wel of ik gretiger geniet naarmate ik angstiger en machtelozer word van het overal oplaaiende wrede geweld.
Hanneke Groenteman

The publishing industry may be struggling in the face of the cybernetic revolution, but one sector seems as hot as Tabasco -- monographs on modern and contemporary artists (intro of the announcement about their plans to start publishing digital monographs, SS).
Artnet (Book Report 20.08.2004)