(...) Het had net zo goed efkes kunnen zijn.
Jan Coucke (entry over het 'Mooiste woord', 25.12.2004 - Weblog De Leeskamer)

Like everybody else, we don't want an outdoor museum. Instead of bringing the museum outside, we'd rather push the outside through the museum, so the museum is forced to cope, and fight for its life, and adapt and revise and change.
Vito Acconi (Acconi Studio, in: Gagararin, 10th ed. 2004)

Il faut être léger comme une oiseau, mais pas comme la plume.
Paul Valéry

Humor is de elegantie van de wanhoop.

Recent developments in conceptual art have led to a recognition that the "reading list" is a formal structure through which meaning is made. This contemporary practice represents a shift in thinking in which the traditional art objects are erased and the contextual material becomes the work. There is an inherent acceptance in this type of work, which can be traced from Douglas Huebler to Mark Dion, that there is already enough material in the world and that one doesn't need to make new physical objects in order to make art. (...) The implication of these comments is for the artist to work with the material around her or him as opposed to making a negative impact upon the environment by exhausting further raw materials. By working with extant material, by selecting it and reframing it, the artist is able to generate new meaning and, in doing so, disrupt the existing order of things.
The placing of one book reference next to another involves the process of selection and, through the intertextual moment, meaning is made. The information in the form of bibliographies acts as a noematic trigger to the idea which is the work. Therefore, the work is reliant upon you, the spectator, to function. The reading list must be read in order for meaning to be established. The act of your engaging with this text, in the here and now, allows the work to function. The journey ends or begins here, in your head, for you the reader and your present engagement with this material is what constitutes the art.
Simon Morris (site 'Information as Material')

Ik heb mij vandaag de hele dag zwaar zitten nerveus maken over allerlei kleinigheden.
Michel Vuijlsteke (over 'Kommaneukerij', blog-entry 1512.2004)

(...) de technische ontwikkeling van de bibliotheekcatalogus staat vanaf eind jaren negentig vrijwel stil. Nog even en de enige gebruikers van deze systemen zijn de bibliothecarissen zelf.
Gerard Bierens (Weblog Zonder Haast, entry 'Spieken bij Google')