If newspapers are the first draft of history, it follows that art journals are the first draft of art history.
Points of View: The Power of Art Journalism (exhibition at the Frick Art Reference Library)

Art is to change what you expect from it.
Seth Siegelaub

It has been said that freedom without limitations is meaningless.
Dave Douglas (liner notes of Strange Liberation, 2003)

Geschiedenis is slechts wat de mensen zich herinneren.
Marguerite Yourcenar

The new type of art institute cannot merely be an art museum as it has been until now, but no museum at all. The new type will be more like a power station, a producer of new energy.
Alexander Dorner (citaat van de site van Museum in Progress van Hans-Ulrich Obrist)

The development of SRW interfaces to data repositories is significantly easier than for Z39.50. In addition, such arcane record formats as MARC and GRS-1 have been replaced with XML.

What is Past is Prologue.
William Shakespeare (The Tempest)