Ditch the channel-and-search model.
Henk Ellerman (entry 'A user complains, but who listens?', -- In Between --)

But librarianship, more than many other professions, is about big dreams and unfulfilled desires, and navigating the aisles between the shiny and the dull.
Jessamyn West (entry 'Happy Birthday' on

We have been used to thinking about the catalog and the integrated library system as at the centre. But as more comes onto the network we are surrounded by many systems to help us do our research, learning and play. This is one reason why I think we have seen a gradual shift in focus over time from database to website to workflow.
Lorcan Dempsey (entry 'The network and the sun')

The real design center is the network and applications revolve around it.
Annrai O'Toole (entry 'Leadership' on the weblog 'Clear Thinking')

'That chick just doesn't get it'.
Cathy Marshall (entry 'Taking a Stand on the Semantic Web', about the reactions she received while participating in a panel at a WWW conference about the Semantic Web - SS)

Being small, we have to think big.
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