Geen wetenschap van het boek is mogelijk zonder een volledige bibliografie als uitgangspunt en voedingsbodem.
H. de la Fontaine Verwey, in De wereld van het boek (1954) via Johan Hanselaer

There are all sorts of obvious reasons to narrate the work that we do. By doing so we build reputation, we attract like-minded collaborators, we draw constructive criticism, and we teach what we know. Sometimes there's also a non-obvious reason. It's possible to teach what we don't know that we know.
Jon Udell (entry 'Transmission of tacit knowledge', 13.08.2007)

The present order is the disorder of the future.
Louis de Saint-Just (and used by Ian Hamilton Finlay for the title of a work)

I was surprised that the Albertina has such a primitive interface. (...) Belgium isn't a poor country and that's the royal library!
Tim Spalding - LibraryThing (after implementing screen scraping as the only available method of re-using the data of the KBR)