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Schapendoezen at Van Dolle Doezenpret

schapendoes hasse and etosha

The easy life of a schapendoes

In these pictures you can see what a simple life schapendoezen at Van Dolle Doezenpret lead. As you can see on the picture we had to shave our schapendoes Eyka at the age of fourteen. That way it wasnít longer neceserry she lied down for hours on the combing table for those horrible combing sessions.

The schapendoes: a part of our family

schapendoes hasse and etosha

Schapendoezen are parts of our lives and they will always be. They are an important part of our family and they also go on holiday with us etc.

Now it seems like they are just lying down to rest but when we go out for a walk with our schapendoes dogs you see very different kinds of schapendoezen. Dan gaan ze er voor en genieten met volle teugen. They enjoy every minute of the walk and theyíre so happy to be outside and able to run and play for hours.

With the schapendoes to the school for dogs

schapendoes hasse and etosha

We also regularly visit the school for dogs with our schapendoezen. Hasse started from the age of 12 weeks in the puppies class and she is a very inquisitive schapendoes. Ondertussen heeft ze al serieuze vorderingen gemaakt. In the meanwhile she has already made serious progress.

We plan to start agility with our Schapendoes Etosha. She is always very excited when you go do something fun with her. And schapendoezen are also very agile and like running and jumping. Now we only have to learn them where to run and where to jump in order to become good agility dogs.

Our Schapendoes Phienne is now 12 and half years old and finds the walks more than enough exercise. She thinks the doggy school is a real pain in the ass and she prefers staying home on the couch.

schapendoes eyka

Each schapendoes of Van Dolle doezenpret on a photo

The photos on this page are pictures of each of our schapendoezen that ever lived with us or still live with us. The picture above shows Hasse Etosha running on one of our dog walks. A Schapendoes needs a lot of excercise and training and walking is particularly good for them. Hasse en Etosha hebben veel plezier aan elkaar omdat het beiden nog jonge honden zijn. Hasse and Etosha have a lot of fun together because they are both still young dogs able to run for miles.

The second picture is our Phienne at the beautiful forest of Terschelling. On the photo above Zoya is posing in the forest of Terschelling. Zoya is spijtig genoeg moeten inslapen vanwege een ongeluk met een paard waarna ze nooit meer dezelfde werd. Unfortunately we had to put Zoya asleep because of an accident with a horse, she never got to be the same Zoya we knew before. This is a picture of Eyka at the Moldau river. Schapendoes Eyka has also passed away because of old age. At the 28th of may 2011 we also lost our Phienne. She was 14 years old and died of old age.