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Schapendoes breed information

Schapendoes Etosha in the garden

The schapendoes is a faithful family dog

A Schapendoes has a cheerful, bright, inquisitive, active and very social personality. In general heís a real family dog with a big "will to please" although a schapendoes can also be very stubborn. Like any dog he needs a consistent and appropriate education but afterwards he can develop in a true companion for life. Your Schapendoes likes to do everything together with you: walking, cycling, Agility or obedience course. They also like sitting on the couch and watching television together with their owners.

A schapendoes just loves kids, but be aware that they always have to be treated with respect. Every dog will eventually snap if you really hurt him. Schapendoes dogs are generaly not dominant, but they donít like you to mock with them . The schapendoes enjoys pleasing his owner in any way and thatís why youíre most succesfull with playfull, rewarding education techniques. Rewarding with a treat, a hug or a kind word really works.

Taking care of your schapendoes

Schapendoes Hasse in the garden

A schapendoes weighs between 12 and 18 kg, has a long and tousled hair. He needs to look as natural as possible. However he needs every 2 or 3 weeks a sturdy comb of about one hour time because otherwise the hair will get tangled. The difference in personality between a male and a female schapendoes isnít that big. Females are definitely not easier or better than males.

Personality of a schapendoes

Schapendoes males are usually somewhat more balanced in character because they suffer less from their hormones. But with your permission they like to lift their leg against any tree in the neigbourhood. This is typical macho behavior and can easily be unlearnt. A female schapendoes is somewhat less stable in personality than a male schapendoes. It takes approximately 8 months to the heat and at that time her behaviour changes for a while. She is often a bit moody and will not eat. A schapendoes female is usually smaller than a male schapendoes.