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Schapendoes puppies at Van Dolle Doezenpret

Etosha les ours gentils feeding her schapendoes puppies

Schapendoes puppies for fun

Occasionally, if we really feeling like it and we have the time to give puppies all the love they diserve, we have a litter of Schapendoes puppies. We rebuild our living room and install a big designed wooden dog cage so that the Schapendoes puppies (and of course mum) can be all day between us. We also welcome visits from all ages and sizes so the Schapendoes puppies can learn to socialize and play with children.

The health of Schapendoes puppies always prevails

In the breeding of Schapendoes puppies their health and personality always prevails above appearance. We are Schapendoes breeders because we like the schapendoes, we like the breed and we want to share it with other people. It is very being able to breed nica, race-typical schapendoes dogs and especially when we can breed a champion from time to time. But the most important thing is to breed healthy dogs that will adapt quick to their new family.

The schapendoes male and female are tested for diseases and eye disorders

Schapendoes puppies can eat all by them selves at the bowl

Our dogs, and the carefully chosen Schapendoes male dogs, are declared healthy by the vet before we start breeding. They are also genetically tested for PRA (= a hereditary eye disease) and checked for any other eye disorders by a specialized vet.

Since 2008, our mothers are also tested for PKD = Polycystic Kidney Disease. PKD is acutely renal failure and the outcome is always fatal. There is still little known on the inheritance of PKD with dogs and luckily it is still a very rare disease, not very common among schapendoes dogs. Unfortunately there are still no genetic tests to prevail this disease at schapendoes dogs so we are powerless in preventing this unpleasant disease.

Fortunate we are to use our common sense and thus try to reduce this disease and hopefully entirely avoid it. An ultrasound of the kidneys is made and blood and urine is tested. Only if this are satisfying we start breeding with our dogs. This may still not guarantee anything but we are sure that we are breeding with a clinically healthy schapendoes.

Schapendoes puppies like to play all day long at our garden!

How do I raise Schapendoes puppies?

Schapendoes puppies are of course incredibly nice and sweet. But do you have the time and patience to educate them? Can you be consistent? Therefore, a puppy course is really recommended, especially for a first dog. You may, without knowing and very well meant, do some things wrong. Therefore find a good dog school that can give full attention to Schapendoes puppies.

Schapendoes puppies need a lot of attention and rest. In the beginning you have to feed them 3 to 4 times a day and they also need potty training. Schapendoes puppies are not able to be entirly alone for the first months. If youíre away for a longer period you can best provide a ďbabysitĒ so that someone passes a few times a day for half an hour and plays with the dogs and exhaust them a little bit. You can learn schapendoes dogs to be alone eventually.

If you decide to take a Schapendoes puppy, consider the following points:

  • Do I want to go walking with my dog for at least an hour a day? Even if it rains, freezes, ...
  • Do you mind your schapendoes is dirty and brings home leaves and sand after your walks? Long-haired furs, particularly if they are wet, carry a lot of leaves and sand with them.
  • Every 2 weeks you need to take an hour to brush your dogs and schapendoes dogs tend to lose some hair, so you might find some on the floor!

If you still feel comfortable, we would say "go for it". You get a wonderful dog and a companion for life.