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Schapendoes dogshows

Schapendoes shows: where do judges look at?

We regularly go to the dogshow with our 2 youngest schapendoezen. This is a beauty contest for the Schapendoes by licensed schapendoes inspectors. Your schapendoes dog will be judged on the following aspects the way they walk, construction, breed type, etc.

How does a schapendoes dogshow work?

Schapendoes Hasse on a dog show. You also meet schapendoes puppies here

You are called into the ring by registration number and there you have to present your schapendoes. The schapendoes dog needs to be properly presented to the jury. Heís going to feel and touch the dogs teeth, tail and roundings and afterwards youíre asked to run a few laps with your dog so that the jury can look at the way your dog walks. The judges will also decide whether you have a social and lovely schapendoes because a schapendoes certainly shouldnít be frightened.

When can you register your schapendoes?

Nowadays, you can enter a dog show with your Schapendoes puppies from the age of 3 months.But it isnít before the age of 18 months that your schapendoes can collect points for developping into a champion. These points are called CAC or CACIB. If you Ďd like to enter a competition with your schapendoes, remind these little remarks and we wish you all the best!

Show Results Schapendoes "Etosha les ours Gentilles":

  • December 2007: Genk: 1 Very Good
  • January 2008: Hoogstraten: 1 Excellent - CAC / CACIB
  • March 2009: Wieze: Excellent 2 - Reserve CAC
  • April 2009: Genk: 1 Excellent - CAC - Best of breed

Show Results Schapendoes "Hasse of the Gentle Bears":

  • May 2008: Wieze: 1 Very Promising - Best Baby
  • June 2008: Brussels: 1 Very Promising - Best Baby
  • July 2008: Liege: 1 Very Promising - Best Puppy
  • August 2008: Mechelen: 1 Very Promising
  • October 2008: Dortmund: Very promising
  • November 2008: Kortrijk: 1 Excellent - Best Junior
  • February 2009: Hoogstraten: 1 Excellent - Best Junior
  • March 2009: Wieze: 1 Excellent - Best of breed - Hopprinces
  • July 2099: Lokeren: 1 Excellent - CAC - Best of breed
  • August 2009: Mechelen: 1 Very Good