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Walking with your schapendoes

There are always lots of schapendoes dogs on our organized walks with Van Dolle Doezenpret

Van Dolle Doezenpret organizes walks with Schapendoes owners

On a regular basis we organize walks with a whole bunch of schapendoes dogs, and of course the owners of the schapendoes dogs. All the Schapendoes dogs, adult or puppy, run & play with each other and they just have good time. During the organized walk they get the chance to cool down a little bit in a lake or a ditch. And if there is really nothing else available than a mud puddle is always very pleasant for a schapendoes to get soaked. First they stand up in this puddle. If the boss shouts very hard you obey and lie down in the mud. Their owner calls even harder? Then you go and roll over on your back and show that you can be pretty submissive.

Schapendoes Fayola in a puddle of mud

After the schapendoes walk what you need is a lovely tavern.

After the walk usually we all enjoy a nice terrace or so the schapendoes dogs can dry a little bit before they have to get in the car. The owners of the schapendoes dogs can order a nice drink which theyíve earned!