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On holiday with our schapendoes dogs

Schapendoes on the beach of Terschelling

The beach of Terschelling: A paradise for the Schapendoes

The activities of our schapendoezen change somewhat when we release them on the beach of Terschelling. The hunt for gulls is open and any Schapendoes changes in minutes into a sand dog!

A schapendoes prefers to run first water through the shallow water. If there are seagulls on the beach then they go straight through the sea, you can sometimes submerge but alas, you're a schapendoes or youíre not isnít it?

When all those seagulls are driven away you can play for hours enthusiastically on the beach. They can run and sniff and roll like the best and on top of that a real schapendoes tries to take home as much sand they can to make sure the owner has something to do afterwards.

Schapendoes on vacation in the forest

A schapendoes also plays hide and seek in the forest.

In the forest, the schapendoezen sprint around and play together because they donít need to be on a leach. The fresh air makes every Schapendoes a little bit crazy and even Eyka, who was already a little bit older, enjoyed it fully. Take a look in the gallery of our dogs playing in the woods. They roll through the leaves and needles of the trees and theyíre enjoying every minute. They also love playing hide and seek among the branches and bushes.

Ain't no mountain high enough

In the mountains they also feel at home. Climbing or going down, it's all the same. As long as they can be with their family.