schapendoes header met Hasse en Etosha | Nederlandse schapendoes

Our latest litter of schapendoes puppies of Hasse and Jannes, born on the 2nd of october 2014. All puppies have found a new owner in the meantime.

Schapendoes kennel Van Dolle Doezenpret

Schapendoes Hasse in het bos

The history of our schapendoes kennel

In 1994, our first, long awaited, black schapendoes Eyka van het HaskerhŻs arrived with us. We all loved Eyka very much it was like a dream coming true. With her we bred our first litter and she has almost been 15 years with us.

Three years later, our Phienne Dibah van het HaskerhŻs, a blue schapendoes with a very different personality arrived. Phienne is also a very sweet dog and on top of it a really nice companion for the other schapendoes dogs. From her first litter in 2000, we kept a black and white Schapendoes puppy, Zoya Van Dolle Doezenrpet. She was a very playful schapendoes and so our herd was complete.

Schapendoes Etosha met schapendoes puppies

Schapendoes Etosha: she conquered our hearts

In September 2007 we had a cute schapendoes Etosha to stay over. She was looking for a new home but she didn't need much time to conquer our hearts. On April 5th, 2008 we adopted Hasse of the Gentle Bears. From then we also have a brown schapendoes in our kennel "van Dolle Doezenpret."

Our Hasse already had 3 litters and we are expecting number for is on the way. From Hasse 's third litter we kept Luna. She is a very happy and playful schapendoes and we love her. On March 20th, 2009 we had to put Eyka to sleep, she had a nice life at Van Dolle Doezenpret but in the end she got to old and sick. And unfortunately our Schapendoes Zoya Van Dolle Doezenpret was also put to sleep on October 19th, 2009.

After an accident with a horse she has never been the same happy schapendoes she once was. They had to remove a piece of her leg and she was still suffering from time to time. Together we decided that this was the right thing to do but we still miss them both very much.

On the 28th of May 2011 our Phienne died. She was 14 years of age.

Luna Van Dolle Doezenpret

Schapendoes Luna in oostenrijk

Luna, in the picture on the right, is our latest schapendoes puppie at Van Dolle Doezenpret. She had her first litter of schapendoes puppies on October of 2014.