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23 cm
During the contests we have participated in, we had a great time testing several
antenna systems for various bands. For 23cm, we experimented with 4 x 32 elements
homebrew yagi's. We stacked them in a square, then vertical. At this time we could
check performance with the 1meter dish we use for 13cm. ( wich has also a feed for
23cm. ) Later Jerry bought his 1.9 meter dish, with matching horn feed. Results were
quiet good, better than the antenna's, but this was not the only advantage, we
gained a huge amount of set-up time, because the positioning and alignment of the
antenna's took a lot of time. We noticed that therefor we were better off with dishes.

70 cm
As a portable station, it would not be easy to put up a dish for 70cm, except for the
difficult mecanic suppurt, it would be no sight at all , hi hi ! on this band we have
experimented with homebrew antenna's from Jerry. we tried single and two stacked 31 el.
yagi antenna's with good result for DX, but not so very well for random calling, wich is
actually required when contesting ... We also tried with 2 x 18el. Wimo yagi's from
Christophe, also not bad, but things could become better. The october 2004 contest we
put up 8 x 6el yagi's vertical stacked, and one longboom 31el. yagi. The results were
better with this setup, when calling we could use the 8 antenna's for broad coverage,
and for long distance sked's or difficult to work stations we could use the longboom yagi.
But things can still be improved ...

GHz bands
For 10GHz we updated the 40cm dish, and now we use a 60cm prime focus dish. also the power
for this band went from 4W to 10W. On 24GHz we upgraded our power : from 400mW to 3W !

Some thoughts ...

We really need some more power for 70cm. this could be done later, but the antenna's
can -once again- be updated. Maybe longer antenna's to stack 8 times ... maybe stack
even more antenna's ... maybe more antenna's at fixed points so we can switch with a
coax switch between the different angles ...

Besides our nice dreams, we have to keep in mind that we must have the time to put
everything together, everything must be put up and operational within 6 to 7 hours
only ! in the october 2004 contest we actually succeeded to do so, hi !

Some maintenance work should also be done on our "mechanic equipment" like our masts
and shelter, that we can use from the radio club NOB. in return we keep all used
equipment in working order and we try to update it so it becomes more user-friendly.
The shelter has been equiped with lots of 230V mains plugs, wich have proven their
work ! Also some 12V lightpoints have been placed and a fan next to the door.
( to cool down the highly stressed operators , hi hi ! ) lights are on 12V, so we
have the possibility to use backup battery's when the generator should fail at night.

in the near future, the shelter should be placed on a better "transport device".
allthough the shelter now has its own double axis set of wheels, it needs updating !

The pneumatic mast on the small trailer is going to be put on a bigger trailer, so
we can put the sections of the other Clarck masts inside it. Also the roof should
be high enough to stand on for easyer putting up the antenna's. Maybe the space is
big enough to use it as a small shelter for "low profile" contesting or as "multiplier
station" for the HF contests.

Beaming the microwave antenna's, especially 24GHz, is very difficult. maybe we should
think about a very rugged, slow and very precise rotor. Let's have a look at the local
dump-dealers for motors, gear boxes, worms, ... !

You know what that means ! Lots of work for this winter !
( but we love it , hi hi ! )

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