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StripSaver, another adult software application from the VirtuaGirl family. General information and download page.
Latest Girl
The Anna Marie Goddard collection is out!

Anna Marie Goddard 24 animations :

5 light
9 mild
5 hot
5 redhot

Free Download
Version 1.14
Free Download
6.50 MB
StripSaver Screenshot

StripSaver Wallpapers
There's often a StripSaver bitmap displayed between 2 animations while your screensaver is active. This bitmap (STRIPSAV.bmp) is located in the StripSaver program directory.
It can be replaced by whatever bitmap you prefer as long as you use the same resolution and filename. Free downloads below!

Previous Versions
Some StripSaver versions, released in the past, are available here to complete your collection.
It's worth to mention that version 1.03 still had the ability to display VirtuaGirl animation files!
From version 1.06 onwards, StripSaver uses an online installer.

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StripSaver - High Quality Adult Screensaver !

StripSaverStripSaver is the latest innovative software application from the TotemCash team. It's a FREE, unique and entirely customizable sexy video screensaver that puts dancing and stripping girls in full screen mode on your monitor when your computer is idle.

It can be customized to any taste: soft erotic or horny strippers... it comes to the member with a complete hardcore site on top of its unique screensavers content.
You can use StripSaver as a screensaver by default in your computer's view option but also from your menu bar or launch stripteases on demand.

You can select the models you want to appear on your screen, set strips scale of flavour (light, mild, hot or redhot), change screen resolution and last but not least select your favourite MP3 song to play in the background. In other words: this program is a hit!

The free version comes with light animations, but registered users have full access to the huge download section with less innocent striptease animations. If you like the strips of the free version, you'll certainly like the full version.
A subscription for one month costs 24.95$.
New girls to extend your collection featured weekly!

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Download StripSaver v1.14
This one doesn't need much explication anymore. A must have program!

Download VG ScreenSaver 1.3.1
Screensaver by Slavickas. Uses your VirtuaGirl or MP3Dancer animation files to display in fullscreen mode while you are taking a rest!

Download VG ScreenSaver+ 1.3.1
Does exactly the same as the one above, but with the MotionBlur option.

Download BK View Screensaver v0.0.6
BK View Screensaver by BK069 is an animation screensaver for VirtuaGirl animation files. It plays 6 animations at the same time.

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Click on a name to get more information about a stripper and her StripSaver animations!

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Download the complete StripSaver file list to check your personal StripSaver collection.
You need a treeviewer to browse and edit this list offline.
It's also possible to download the partial lists as displayed on each individual page. This will increase speed on older computer systems.
The link is available at the bottom of each Java applet.

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