This site contains information about the first generation VirtuaGirl software using the BK file format.
here to find information about the new VirtuaGirl program and the latest models.
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VirtuaGirl - Aurely Aurely
Origins : Rome / Italia
Age : 26 Height : 5.8 ft Weight : 123 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 26 / 34
Picture Gallery Bailey
Origins : New York / USA
Age : 25 Height : 5.8 ft Weight : 128 lb
Vital Statistics : 35 / 24 / 35
VirtuaGirl - Bailey
VirtuaGirl - Barbara Barbara
Origins : Berlin / Germany
Age : 22 Height : 5.8 ft Weight : 117 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 23 / 34
Picture Gallery
Picture Gallery Bunny Luv'
Origins : Venusia / Venus
Age : 22 Height : 5.6 ft Weight : 122 lb
Vital Statistics : 35 / 24 / 35
VirtuaGirl - Bunny Luv'
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MP3Dancer - She will dance on your Desktop !

MP3DancerMP3 Dancers are tiny video figures of real dancers who dance in rhythm along the bottom of your computer screen. Whatever you're listening to, wherever it comes from (cd or mp3 player), you will have these cute professional dancers move to the rhythm.

It's possible to switch off the auto appearance when you don't want to be disturbed. When on, dancers automatically appear whenever your PC is used to play music.

The software is absolutely free and so are the silhouettes and the first true color dancer you'll download with it. New silhouette dancers are regularly added and available for free.

To make them all appear in true colors, you first have to join. With your membership you'll have instantly a full range of dancers and enjoy them when listening to your favourite music.

Silhouette Dancers are great but True Color Dancers are simply fabulous. For only 14.95$, you get a 30 days access to all the animations, the entire cast of true color dancers (professional, street and exotic dancers) and downloaded dancers for life.

Note that you can customize them with functional options: color changes, true color appearance or body transparency plus extra plugs-in for special effects.

- MP3Dancer Homepage
- MP3Dancer Screenshot

VirtuaGirl - Caroline Caroline
Origins : Vancouver / Canada
Age : 22 Height : 5.7 ft Weight : 116 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 23 / 35
Picture Gallery
Origins : Broken Arrow / USA
Age : 26 Height : 5' 6'' ft Weight : 115 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 23 / 33
VirtuaGirl - Cheyenne
VirtuaGirl - Chloe Chloe
Origins : Sacramento / USA
Age : 24 Height : 5.6 ft Weight : 112 lb
Vital Statistics : 38 / 25 / 36
Origins : Auckland / New Zealand
Age : 26 Height : 5.7 ft Weight : 116 lb
Vital Statistics : 37 / 26 / 35
VirtuaGirl - Cindy
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Strip Kittens
Strip Kittens
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