This site contains information about the first generation VirtuaGirl software using the BK file format.
here to find information about the new VirtuaGirl program and the latest models.
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VirtuaGirl - Monica Monica
Origins : Little Rock / USA
Age : 20 Height : 5.7 ft Weight : 117 lb
Vital Statistics : 35 / 25 / 35
Picture Gallery
Origins : London / England
Age : 22 Height : 5.4 ft Weight : 112 lb
Vital Statistics : 32 / 22/ 34
VirtuaGirl - Nadia
VirtuaGirl - Nicky Nicky
Origins : Paris / France
Age : 24 Height : 5.8 ft Weight : 130 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 24 / 34
Origins : Abidjan / Ivory Coast
Age : 25 Height : 5.7 ft Weight : 114 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 23 / 34
VirtuaGirl - Noumia
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DeskMates - Tahni, Kahli, TeeCee, Oska and FatB

DeskMatesDeskMates are interactive cartoon characters who live on your windows desktop. They are created by Oska Software, one of the market leaders in desktop animation software.

Each of their DeskMates are produced using traditional animation techniques. The animators produce each cel by hand on paper over lightboxes, just like Disney, Warner Brothers or Hanna Barbera.

Current animations are Tahni, Kahli, TeeCee, Oska and FatB. The free downloads contain general animation sequences and a few touch reaction sequences.

The fully registered versions have hundreds of individual animated sequences which include touch and secret touch reaction sequences. These touch sequences are activated if you touch the character or move it around the screen with your mouse. If you leave it alone, it will amuse itself and entertain you in the process.

Registered versions of Tahni and Kahli cost 24.95$ (purchasing by check, fax or mail). The other DeskMates are available for only 19.95$, but choosing 2 or more DeskMates as a bundle will save you 25%. There's also the possibility to send it as an eGift to a friend.

There's a lot of free stuff on their site: wallpapers, toons and greeting cards.
Subscribe to the free monthly toons newsletter to stay informed about new animations, toons and eCards.

For webmasters there's a very intereresting affiliate program: each sale results in a commission of 50% of the purchase price!

DeskMates are available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP.

- Download Free Demos

VirtuaGirl - Raquel Raquel
Origins : Manchester / England
Age : 25 Height : 5.4 ft Weight : 111 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 23 / 34
Origins : London / England
Age : 25 Height : 5.6 ft Weight : 116 lb
Vital Statistics : 35 / 25 / 34
VirtuaGirl - Rebecca
VirtuaGirl - Sakura Sakura
Origins : Phnom Penh / Cambodia
Age : 23Height : 5.8 ft Weight : 116 lb
Vital Statistics : 33 / 23 / 32
Picture Gallery
Picture Gallery Samantha
Origins : La Plata / Argentina
Age : 25 Height : 5.8 ft Weight : 118 lb
Vital Statistics : 34 / 23 / 34
VirtuaGirl - Samantha
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Strip Kittens
Strip Kittens
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