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Latest VirtuaGirl Software Additions

In order to avoid rewriting my existing VirtuaGirl software pages - each time I find a new VirtuaGirl application - I've decided to create this new software section where you'll find the latest VirtuaGirl software additions.
All these tools and applications deal with the old VirtuaGirl file format (BK1, BK2 and BK3). For the latest tools, written for the new VirtuaGirl file format, I refer to the link below.

Download MobileGirl v1.01: VirtuaGirl for Nokia 7650 / 3650 - 2003-07-06
MobileGirl is a freeware VirtuaGirl animation player for Nokia 7650 / 3650 smartphone.
It is fully compatible with all BK1, BK2 and BK3 formats.
There's an official MobileGirl website where you can check the current development status.

Download VirtuaGirl Card Game - 2003-04-21
This card game is a card game like there are many others on the web, but it's unique because of its included card set. Battlechip, one of the most enthousiast VirtuaGirl fans, made a VirtuaGirl card set for this game. Easy to install, easy to play and a real pleasure for the eyes!

Download VirtuaGirl BK File Format - 2003-04-21
This file contains a description of the BK file format. This is the format used for VirtuaGirl animation files. Very technical, only for die hard programmers.

Download VirtuaGirl Build 1307 - 2003-04-21
This must be the oldest VirtuaGirl version available on the WWW. It's an internal test release of our beloved application. In order to work properly, you have to change your computer's date to July 1998 (after the 13th).

Download Sta2BK for Windows - 2002-12-19
Sta2BK for Windows is the big brother of Sta2BK for DOS. It does more than it says, because it also converts BK files to the STA file format. In other words: you can convert VirtuaGirl animations and play them by means of your StripSaver program.
Of course it can also convert STA to BK in order to admire your high quality StripSaver girls by means of the VirtuaGirl program. The only thing you have to do is to write manually the necessary *.inf file.
There's also a Sta2BK web site with the source files of this cute program (also included in the archive).

Download BKTool - 2002-12-07
If you're a Sta2BK user, you'll like this tool. Below is the description given by its creator namin (or minmilk):
"when you convert recent SS files to BK format, you may notice that most of them have annoying dark line along the edge. This is due to poor tuning of certain parameters. This little program, BKTool, enables you to modify & confirm effects of those parameters".

Download MFChick - 2002-12-06
MFChick is a VirtuaGirl BK Player created by n1sh. It's still in an early development phase, but it does what it says. The weakest part is the filesize (almost 5 MB). I've seen smaller applications doing the same thing.

Download VirtuaGirl for OS/2 v1.0 (beta 3) - 2002-11-27
VirtuaGirl for OS/2 users. It's still in an early development stadium, but I wanted to mention it just to be complete.
It will also only play the modified animations, available on that OS/2 site, but the author of the program has the intention to make the program ready to play all animations.
There's some additional information at the official VirtuaGirl for OS/2 website. You'll also find a newer alpha-release there.

Download Sta2BK for DOS - 2002-11-19
Sta2BK is a fantastic tool, created by namin to convert StripSaver animation files to the VirtuaGirl BK file format.
Put these new BK files in your VirtuaGirl program directory and enjoy your favorite StripSaver girls by means of your VirtuaGirl program!
Read carefully the instructions included in the zip-file before executing this program.
You'll find also the source code for this tool in the archive!

Download BKfix - 2002-11-19
The following VirtuaGirl character sets were released with corrupted animation files:
  - Betty Love - Ombre !
  - Betty Love - Provocative
  - Channone - Pacific
  - Kelly - Nasty Babe
  - Sally - Gogo Beach
  - Sally - Sweet Heart
You can fix these corrupted files by means of this small utility, written by namin.
The source code is also included.

Download VirtuaGirl Auditor v1.0 - 2002-11-12
VirtuaGirl Auditor, written by Mo-Dean, is a small but powerful DOS-application to audit your VirtuaGirl directory and sort out all .inf .bk1 & .bk3 files, cataloging them & looking for issues.
The -csv option will create a standard csv file which can be imported into spreadsheets or databases for further analysis or reporting.
A must have to organize your VirtuaGirl collection!

Download BK4x (release 2002-07-29) - 2002-09-24
BK4x, written by namin is a BK and STA file viewer and screen saver with the following features:
  - supports recent BK files (with a higher resolution)
  - plays in fullscreen mode at 640x480 (default) or other highcolor & truecolor modes supported by your hardware
  - plays in Windows at any desired size (up to your screen resolution)
  - resizes images using bicubic algorithm giving a smoother result
Read the included documentation to learn how to transform this proggie in order to use it as a screen saver.

Download Katia Stripper Character Set - 2002-07-21
This character set contains 10 teases and 3 stripteases, the dimensions of the animations are smaller than the average animation size and last but not least: you won't find this character set in the VirtuaGirl members area!
I found these files in my system's VirtuaGirl program directory after installing VirtuaGirl 2.09. Later versions (and maybe later editions of that same version too) didn't contain this character set anymore. Strange!

Download VG Screen Saver - 2002-07-21
This utility, written by Slavickas (and not the only one in its kind) uses VirtuaGirl animation files to display as a screen saver when your computer is idle. This saver has the unique feature that you can set the speed of the strips.

Download VGClone 2 - 2002-07-21
The same tool as the one below, written by Slavickas. However, this one plays two double sized animations on your dektop, one in each bottom corner of your screen.

Download VGClone 1 - 2002-07-21
Another VirtuaGirl utility written by Slavickas. It plays double sized animations on your dektop just like the VirtuaGirl program does.

Download NewBKViewer - 2002-07-21
This BK Viewer displays VirtuaGirl animation files even if you don't have the original VirtuaGirl program on your system, but it's especially worth to mention it because of its nice and clean interface (or should I say skin). Download and install to see what I mean.

Download BKView 1.07 for Pocket PC with Setup - 2002-07-21
Exactly the same viewer for Pocket PC as the one described earlier, but this file includes also a setup routine for all processor types.
Visit the Raggio Pocket Applications homepage for more information.

Download VirtuaGirl Desktop Theme [ Part 1 ] [ Part 2 ] [ Part 3 ] [ Part 4 ] - 2002-07-12
This VirtuaGirl desktop theme (the first one I've seen so far) was sent to me by Richard L Pollard. It's a huge file of 5.30 MB, so in order to make downloads easier, I've split this file in 4 parts with the same filename (vgtheme), but with different extensions (z01, z02, z03 and zip). Use WinZip to put them all together again! If it's not working, check the file extensions and edit them if necessary.

Download VirtuaGirl 2.09 - Estelle Desanges Edition - 2002-06-17
Download this special VirtuaGirl version: Estelle Desanges Edition!
It contains 5 free animations of Estelle Desanges!

Download BKView 1.07 for Pocket PC - 2002-06-03
There was already the official VirtuaGirl program for Windows and Mac, then someone came with the idea to create a Linux version and finally I've found an application to display VirtuaGirl animation files on a pocket PC. The viewer is written by Raggio Pocket Applications, has a selectable zoom level and selectable frame skipping for slower machines.

Download AVI-GIF 1.0.8 - 2002-06-03
VirtuaGirl utility by Byte-Soft. AVI-GIF is a batch image converter. It is optimized for graphic files batch processing and it enables you to convert AVI files to GIF image format. Once you have a GIF image, it's easy to create a BK animation that can be played by VirtuaGirl.
Tools to transform a GIF image to the VirtuaGirl file format can be found in one of the software sections.

Download BKtoAVI - 2002-06-03
VirtuaGirl utility written by Slavickas. It's an easy to use application that will transform a VirtuaGirl animation file to a RGB avi file.