Built-in web server

When Krento starts it runs a built-in web server. The server is listening on the port number 8053 by default. To access the server using the web browser you have to navigate to the following address: http://localhost:8053 or This web server is used to display the user manual pages of Krento.

The content of your local Krento website is located in the "C:\Program Files\Krento\WebContent" folder. You can modify the location of the web server root, the port number, the name of the default page and the server activation way by modifying directly your Krento configuration file Krento.ini. The Krento configuration file is located in the Krento Data Folder.

You can control Krento using web browser by navigating to some predefined web addresses and execute the Krento actions assigned to it:

Some new commands can be added in the next releases of Krento.