From the collection of Eugen Leyopolt (Germany), copied from the website : www.ktzv.com

Cock-fight ancient Japan

Above : Mr. Pöppelmans vision of the Modern Shamo / A Shamo drawing in a temple in Kyoto (Japan) / Mr. Mead his vision on the modern Shamo

Above : A Shamo Tatoo for the lovers / The Dutch-Standard drawing by John V. der Laan (Netherlands) / A Japanese silk-drawing

From the huge collection of Mr. A. Wulfften Palthe (Netherlands) a painting by John V. der Laan and a template of the first import-Shamo


Japanese drawings of a Shamo and a cockfight Mushashi 1584-1645

Shamo-painting from Franco

# Paintings of Gamefowl for sale:

These paintings are of the hand of Mr. L. Meade

They are for sale. More information contact Jos Boyen : joseph.boyen@mil.be


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