This Ko-Shamo was one of my proud breeding-cocks. He has all the typical looks of a good Ko-Shamo plus the character.
What more does a breeder wants ?
Breeder : Frank Brusselman

Breeding Ko-Shamo's is fantastic ! They look like little wariors and that they are with their totaly vertical standing, strong wings hold like shields next to the body and their round, short and expressive head ! They have no fear for people or for other animals, even a big Shamo is no reason to go running for these heroes, offcourse they are no match but their character tells them to fight till the end ! Altough they can be very aggresive to other birds, people and especially childeren can find a gentle playmate in them.

KoShamo are the most popular of the small Shamo breeds - none of which have large fowl counterparts, and none of which should be referred to as Shamo Bantam.

Drawing by John Van Der Laan (Netherlands 2001)

The adult cocks way around 1 Kg end hens 600gr. The body is devided in 3 equal parts : 1/3 head and neck, 1/3 body and 1/3 legs. The head is round with in the middle the yellow eye surrounded by a square of fless. The eyebrows should be prominent. The comb shoud be a walnutcomb. The beak is short and very strong for a little bird.

The neck, should be erected at any time and has very short feathers like spears, these feathers may not reach the back or the shoulders.

The body is very compact, muscled and has short feathers. In front they have a red stripe where no feathers grow, this should be as red as possible. The belly looks thick and strong from all the muscles. The wings are carried away from the body, they should be shorter then the body. on the back of the wings you must see two red points of flesh. When you open the wing you must see at least 10 big feathers on the first hand. A lot of the Ko-Shamo's have split wing, they don't have those 10 first feathers. This is a tough problem that can be solved by a very strict selection but only a few breeders in Europe have had the patience and the courage to do this. Many other breeders declared this as a typical feature of Ko-Shamo's. The tail must look like a shrimp-tail or a tubular tail and is carried horizontal or in line of the back.

The legs must be thick, well spread and must have at least 4 rows of scales. The cocks stand alot on the tips of their toes.

This cock shows the typical muscled breast and legs.
My Ko-Shamo

They look as impressive as their big relatives
My Ko-Shamo

Real warrior hé
My Ko-Shamo

Young bird that's full of energy
Young Ko-Shamo

A round head with an expressive eye
My Ko-Shamo

Young breeding-birds (bred 2005) The highest quality i have ever bred.
My Ko-Shamo

My hope for this year (bred 2005)
My Ko-Shamo

Young hen with her father (strain : Michael Stumme)
My Ko-Shamo