This Shamo was one of my proud breeding-cocks full of energy and typical character.

Breeder : Erwin & Frank Brusselman

These are young birds born in May 2002, ready to breed after 8 months. The young cock is very promising in type but also in charactere. He was always the boss of his brothers.
Breeder : Frank Brusselman (2002)

This beautiful trio came out of eggs received from Mr. Paolo Paltrieri (Italy). He gave me eggs from his Seto-line (Japan). These are very strong and typical birds but they where born in July and they didn't get the chance to grow-up fully. I am looking forward to breed with them this year.
Breeder : Frank Brusselman (2002)

This cock is my breedingcock for 2006. He is a typical cock of my old strain. Very strong, but at the same time very typical, that's how a like them. He is born in 2004.
Breeder : Frank Brusselman

My Breeding-cock

These are the sister and the mother of the cock above. Here you can see the consistance of this line. Both very strong and typical.
My breeding hens

This picture was taken by my friend Poco. The cock that i am holding is of the seto-line of Paolo Paltrieri (Italy). He has a very nice character and a good pit-reputation.
Paolo his strain

This was a young breeding-hen some years ago. She shows some nice head-features.
breeding hen

This black/red cock was the base of my black line. He was a monster in the Belgian pits. 8 time winner naked-heel, mostly within 20 min.
black breeding-cock

Another black breeding cock, his father was an original Japanese Teramoto import.
black breeding cock

This young hen was a daughter of the cock above.
black breeding hen

Head-study of an old black/red Teramoto cock.
black breeding cock

This was my black breeding-cock of 2005. He is bred by Kris Zwerts.
black breeding cock

This young black cock (born 2005) is the son of the cock above and the hen in the back.
young black cock

Brother to the cock above (born 2005)
young black cock

Picture taken by my friend Poco. Me and a young black/red stag. (born 2005)
me and a young black stag

8 month old red cock, son of the big red cock above. Hens bred by Kris Zwerts
My young hope for 2006

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Breeding Shamo's is fantastic ! Their character is amazing, no fear for anything but enough respect for the person who feeds them. The apearance is graceful but at the same time they show of the perfect balanced body of muscles and the eagle-like beak could scare anything of ! They are not to be kept for the eggs (60-70/year). The meat is very special, red jungle fowl-like, and is very much wanted by Sumo-wrestlers before their fight,because they believe it gives them the spirit and the power of a fearless Shamo.

I prefer typical Shamo's and not the heavy-meat birds on long-legs, because i don't breed them for the meat ! My birds have spirit, temperament, character and type and that's what it took to enjoy them the last 20 year! My breed was established by birds from Mr. Johny Van Impe (Belgium) and Mr. Peter Bochman(Germany). This summer i got a new import-line by Mr. Paolo Patrinieri (Italy). All my birds came from pure Japanese import-quality blood. This is the only way to obtain good Shamo's, because in Europe most of the birds are crossed and these mixed birds allways seem to be off less quality.


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