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Mautiv was founded in 2012 by drummer and producer Steven Ribus. He initially started the project as an electronic music artist, producing mainly progressive house music and performing live and dj-sets under several names. In 2015 he introduced the name Mautiv together with the release of his first studio album '1'.

As an electronic live artist, Mautiv distinguishes himself by creating an exceptional blend of electronic beats and percussion instruments, using marimba, vibraphone and drums on stage.

In 2018, Steven Ribus brought his instrumental mix of drums, marimba, vibraphone and electronics to the theater. His second studio album 'Brighten' surprises with subtle strokes and more intimate, even personal touches.

To expand his solo project Mautiv into a general innovative brand, Steven Ribus is determined to focus it's development both as an artist and as an independant creative label.

To be continued...