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Westvleteren trappist
The Westvleteren "Trappist" is sold exclusively at the abbey store, and only after having made a reservation by telephone (+32 (0)70/21.00.45).

How does one reserve beer?

  1. See our web page Up-to-date Information for information regarding when reservations will be accepted for which beer and how much beer can be reserved at any one time.
  2. At the time indicated, call us using the beer phone number (+32 (0)70/21.00.45).
  3. Then you can make an appointment (date and time) with the beer phone operator, providing the license plate number of the car which will be used to pick up the order.
    Address of our abbey and beer store is: Donkerstraat 12, B -8640 Westvleteren.

Busy Signals and Limited Reservations

Please take into account that you may often get a busy signal when you call to make a reservation, due to the fact that our beer lines are overburdened! You're not the only one who is calling at that moment. Due to our small-scale production, the number of telephone calls is much greater than the number of available reservations. That means it's a matter of having a lot of patience as well as a lot of luck.

In order to allow as many customers as possible to make a reservation, there are several limitations built into the reservation process:

  • Automobiles:

  • Attention! It takes at least 60 days before the same automobile can pick up a next order.

    f.ex. your last pick up the 15th of October - your next pick up possible from the 15th of December on.

  • Telephones:

    - Attention! It takes at least 60 days before the same telephone number can reach the beer phone for a next reservation.

    f.ex. your last phone call for a reservation the 10th of October - your next phone call possible from the 10th of December on.

    - Anonymous telephone numbers are not accepted.

    - Land phones and cell phones have an equal chance. All telephone zones are treated equally.

There's no sense in trying to contact our beer sales outlet or the brewery - in any way at all - if you don't succeeds in placing a reservation. Any such attempts will receive no response.
It is for us administratively impossible to change made agreements.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and your patience!


Our beer is sold by the crate, with 24 bottles per crate. From the 1st of May 2013 on, the beer prices (excluding the deposit for the crate and the bottles) are :

Trappist Westvleteren Blond (5,8 vol.% ABV) 30,00 euros
Trappist Westvleteren 8 (dark) (8 vol.% ABV) 35,00 euros
Trappist Westvleteren 12 (dark) (10,2 vol.% ABV) 40,00 euros

Deposit for empty bottles and crate: 12 euros (9.60 euros for the crate plus 0.10 euros per bottle). Empty bottles and crates can be returned only if undamaged. The wooden crates should be kept in a dry place.


Westvleteren Trappist is sold only to individual customers. Every customer agrees not to re-sell the beer to any third party.

Opening Hours

Unless otherwise specified (see our page with Up-to-date Information), the empty bottles and crates can be returned to the sales desk any afternoon between 13:30 and 16:30. Our beer shop is closed on Fridays, Sundays and national holidays.

Our beer can also be enjoyed in the welcome center 'In De Vrede', across the street from the abbey. Here you can also visit the Claustrum , an exhibition room with a presentation of life in the abbey as well as information about the brewery and the brewing process.

How to keep and to serve our beer?

With the exception of our Blond beer, Trappist beer will keep for years: give the beer time and it will continue to ripen. The minimum sell-by date is stamped on the capsule. Store the bottles vertically in a dark place between 12° and 16° C. It is better not to refrigerate Trappist 8 and Trappist 12; Trappist Blond, on the other hand, may also be served cooled.