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Facts about Corey Taylor


+ He grew up in Des Moines

+ He lived in 25 different states before 12 yrs old

+ His last memory of childhood was when he was 11 years old and was homeless for 2 weeks on a beach in Fort    Lauderdale [Florida]. In the middle of the night, his Mom got in from a date with a guy who thought smurfs lived   under his rug. Moved back to Iowa after this.

+ He moved to Water Loo, IA, where he first experienced abuse, poverty and depression from mom's

   boyfriend and ex-best friend (alcoholic).

+ Corey doesnt hold grudge against mother and is grateful for having the essentials for living

+ He started doing drugs at 12, got addicted to cocaine at 14 and ODed twice by 15 (almost died)

+ He remembers waking up in a dumpster 20 miles from his house, barely dressed and had blood on him

    [not sure if it was his or someone elses]. Corey got out of rehab 3 days prior. He realized he didnt want to

    die yet.

+ He moved to his grandmother's house in Des Moines, IA. His mother signed over custody of him to

   his grandmother.

+ Corey tried to learned as much as he could in school and was very smart as a kid, but failed based on


+ He was kicked out of school before he could drop out

+ He got GED, passed in the top 5% of people who took it.

+ Corey got into music shortly after

+ He Lived in a 2 room apartment with 8 guys with "mystery stain" in the middle of the floor.

+ His first real band was Stone Sour.

+ Stone Sour was originally 'poppy'. The guys called it "hair metal" but it wasnt. A cross between Skid Row

   and Pearl Jam

+ They setup anywhere 4-5 nights a week, played for 3 hours, 1/2 covers 1/2 original material

+ Attended the first Slipknot show on April 4th, 1996

+ While watching, he said he will be the singer of the band.

+ Shawn, Joey and Mick came to the porn shop he worked at to invite him to join the band. Was very very

   nervous while they were in the store.

+ Corey went the studio they worked at for a tryout and recorded 2 songs with Slipknot, Me Inside and

   Prostetics. He rewrote some lyrics before cutting the tracks. After he hit the chorus and melody of the Me

   Inside, Joey's reaction hinted he was in the band.

+ He often lost his voice alot when he first started. He tried to emulate Anders, the ex-vocalist and his

   singing style.

+ He wanted his mask to be expressionless, blank and alienlike.

+ He wants people who listen to Slipknot, fan or not, to feel what what they are doing.

+ Corey left Des Moines to go to Malibu, California to record the self titled Slipknot album at Indigo

   Ranch studios with Ross Robinson. Hoped all his dreams would come to fruition with Slipknot.

+ He was excited and scared on the car ride to California.

+ His motto with Robinson was "if I dont puke after the take, we dont keep it". At the end of original

   recordings are his coughing and puking.

+ He considers songs like Eyeless and Diluted "therapy sessions".

+ After he recorded Diluted, he cried and Ross came into the booth to comfort. He learned he can trust

   and love people without being hurt.

+ Spit it Out was the first song Slipknot wrote with Corey.

+ Corey wrote the 2nd half of the chorus to Surfacing [Joey wrote the first half]

+ The band had written the chorus riff for Wait and Bleed prior to Corey and after the band asked him what

   he thought, he wrote everything else within a day.

+ The first time he heard the CD all together was from a burnt copy. He drove 30 hours home, but had no

   CD player. When he got in he slept. Later on, he listened to it with his friends and by the 2nd song, he was  insanely happy. His best friend and roomate said it was very good after listening with him. He felt all his life

   work was all on one CD.

+ On the first ozzfest, he lost his voice and went to a throat doctor. The doctor said he could sing for 1/2 

   hour, but couldnt talk for 2 months.

+ He played Slipknot's first UK show in December 1999. After the show, he spoke to the fans and they told

   him that they listen to the CD everyday and relate to it. He learned that people have the same problems

   outside America.

+ He was mad at Joey for something he said in Kerrang Magazine and didnt talk to him, but later agreed

   with Joey when he said Slipknot doesnt have a long shelf life.

+ Corey says he would walk away when it stops being fun and he wont have any regrets.





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