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Plz send me your Stone Sour Story, and i will put it up in here..

       Hey, my name is Luke and I have a story about Stone Sour. Well, a friend and I went to a
 Stone Sour show on December 14, 2002. It was a Christmas gift from my parents and it was pretty
spaecial coming from them because we don't have alot of money so Christmas was really small.
My parents know I love Stone Sour, and I had been talking about this concert in Pittsburg, PA. So,
my parents sent me and my friend (Blake) to the concert. When Blake and I got to the concert,
we had to wait outside for 15 to 20 minutes before we got inside. It was fucking freezing outside!!!
It had to be only between 10 to 15 degrees outside. Anyway, Blake and I got inside and got to where
we were going to stand for the concert.
       At about 7:30 PM the concert started, Trust Company opened for Stone Sour, Trust Company was
O.K. I still couldn't keep my mind off of the fact that I was going to see Stone Sour though.
       Well, when Trust Company finished, Stone Sours crew came on to warm up the instuments.
My friend Blake and I smoked a few cigarettes and waited for Stone Sour to come on. Finally the lights
went down, and, all of a sudden, the lights went back up and Stone Sour immediately kicked into
"Get Inside", during the next hour and a half, I went back and forth between Head-banging, and just
watching in amazement. One of my favorite moments is when Corey Taylor, made everyone in the
arena clap their hands along with the beat to the intro of the Metal monster "Choose", that was awsome, of course I loved it when they played my favorite Stone Sour song "Blotter", it's a heavy and kick ass song!!
The night ended with Stone Sour playing the Crushing "Tumult".
       All in All I'd say that was one of the best nights of my life. I would give anything to
see them live again.
             Stone Sour = Kick Ass Metal

Thanks for listening
P.S. Jim Root rules!!!

Thx luke for sharing this moment


Hey, what's up? My name is John and I live in Alton,Il. I went to Pop's near St.Louis in September to see

Stone sssssour play. St.Louis was the first city they kicked their present tour off at. It was so unbelievablly

 intense. Everyone loss their motherfucking minds.Yeah!! During "Bother" the crowd did all of Corey's

back-up vocals, and he was so surprised at the reaction to the new band, that he stopped a few times

and would laugh, then tell everyone to shut up so he could finish his song. (He was kidding though.)

Aafter the show, tons of people waited 2 hours afterwards by the bus to get autographs. Yes, I'm guilty.

I got everyone in the bands' autograph. But I myself wanted to just meet them and tell them they are so

real and to keep it up! They are all like such... "into the fans!" I remeber Corey was singing and some kid

put his girlfriend who was in the hospital dying on the phone with Corey. Corey talked to her and told her"

 smoke a cigarrette, and relax. It'll all be over soon. Remember though... it's all just a dream. It's just a dream."...Wow! Then their road manager was trying to get the band to leave and Corey told him to fuck off. He wasn't going anywhere until he got to meet every kid there. He did too! I also remember when he first

came out side afterwards. He stared laughing in unbelief. You know? That fans were so into them and stuff. He walked over to us and said" You all know you cutting into vaulable drinking time,right?" It was pretty funny.

 I will go see them every time they come to St.Louis!!! They should be one the most important bands to

come out recently. I hope they explode and take everyone's breath away!!! Sincerely, Always a stone sour

fan, John Robinson 

Thank u John!!


Ok so i dont really have a stone sour story. i just love them so much, when i first heard them i was

listening to this all punk-rock station(my fav) and "Bother" came on and i turned it up and i like just

fell in love with that song, and at the end it told whole it was so i wrote it down and almost wrecked

becausei didnt want to forget who it was, so i got it down and that was great and then like i kinda

forgot aboutit because i hadnt heard it for like 2 weeks, so then i was watching mtv and it came on

and i about had a heart attack....so i watched it and fell in love wit it all over again...so now i love

 them and they are the best...and i really like your site too....thanks...jessica


Thank u Jessica to share your Stone Sour story with us!


hey, my names amber
i met corey in october and i gave him a website that had my story on it.
it was extremely twisted and i was so scared corey would hate me for it.
so i went to the meet and greet and i walked up to corey.
i handed him my story to sign and he started reading it.
i told him he might remember me and a look of shock came over his face
he just started saying dude..dude!
i was so shocked and i asked him"so you dont hate me?"
he told me he didnt and that he liked my story, then he asked me if it was for him to keep.
unfortunately it was only 20 of the chapters so he signed it for me.
later on, outside of the venue i met up with my friends.
my friend lost his ticket that night so when corey walked next to us to go into the venue we stopped him

 and told him.
corey asked his name, wrote it on his hand, and my friend got in on the guest list.
the concert was awesome and jim actually played even though he was sick. which i give him so

much respect for.
afterwards corey comes out and i asked him if he could do me a favor. he asked me what i

wanted and

i asked him if there was anyway he could get jim to sign my story for me also.
corey goes
"aww im sorry honey, i would, but hes passed out on the bus"
so he took fans in 2 by 2 and i went in.
i got yet another hug from him and while i was hugging him i told him he had no idea how much it meant

to me that he liked my story.
he pulled away and gave me just this comprehending grin. like he knew exactly what i meant.
i bawled my eyes out that night from happiness. i know that sounds dorkish, but the night was amazing.
corey..if you read this....thank you for making last night the best night of my life.

Thats a kickass story amber!! thx for sharing!!


i live in pittsburgh pa and i looked and looked to no avail for a stone sour show coming here.
so i picked the closest one and freaked when i got my tickets off of the internet.
they were for the show in columbus ohio.....a 4 hour drive from my home.
it was on jims birthday also so it made the experience even more awesome.
we got there and i had pre-show tickets....basically lettin me and whoever else had them in before the

original door opening.
needless to say i skipped the alcohol,bathrooms,anything like that and got right up on stage.
i suffered through sinch(im sorry but these guys.....they`d be alright if the singer didnt get so overdramatic) and chevelle played beautifully. but it didnt prepare me for what was next.
the guys came on stage and before i could even catch my breath get inside came on.
i went nuts man. i was headbanging so bad the next morning in the hotel room i couldnt even lift my head

off of the pillow.
well anyway, back to the story.
when corey sang bother... the part near the end when he sings with a higher pitch"once i hold ooooon" well,

 he didnt sing it...and the crowd did.
he just stopped and gave this.....(sorry..i have to say it) gorgeously hysterical laugh
(im sorry..but i absolutely adore coreys voice.)
well...i used up all of my pictures in my camera thinking there was no chance in hell id meet them.
unfortunately i was wrong.
i left in the middle of the last song and went to wait by the tourbusses.
the concert let out at about 11:30
jim came out at about 1:00
i went up to him saying "dude i drove 4 hours to see you...happy f`in birthday!"
he got such a huge grin on his face and when i asked him for a hug he walked up to me squeezed me in

his massive arms, lifted me off the ground and spun me around.
that was one of the major events of the night for me.
i went back up later and got my t-shirt signed also.
so after about another hour joel came out.
i got his autograph and sat and bullshitted with him for a few minutes.
i wrote this sotry about slipknot thats like 100 chapters long.. and all i ever wanted was for corey to read it.

(im kinda proud of it.. its very twisted and strange)
so i asked joel if he thought corey would read it and he said corey would most likely love to
my courage kinda skyrocketed from that so i actually did give corey the website addy later on
some girls i had talked to earlier brought out a chocolate cake and we all sang happy birthday to jim.
i walked up and asked if i could have a candle....you know...as a souvenier... he said sure but i had to eat

some cake too.
of course i did...i jst didnt wanna be like...jim let me get a peice of your cake.
so i ended up gettin 2 candles..and a couple nice handfuls of that awesome cake.
i want some more now...my mouths watering. anyway
so...about another hour later.... corey finally came out.
i died man. i have the most unexplainable fascination with the guy.
sure hes good-looking and all but it has nothing to do with that.
i respect people for their intellect. i wont delve into details
so were all crowded around corey. i just chilled back and stood on my tip-toe..staring at him.
i let everyone go in front of me cuz i didnt wanna just go up and get my autograph and leave...i wanted to

kinda warn him about the story.
so i finally get up there and i bugged the hell out of him with autographs.
i gave him my website address and he promised me he`d read the story.
that was a major highlight. :*)
he was like
"am i gonna have to pack a lunch?"
i told him most likely and i told him how long it was.
then my asshole ex-boyfriend embarrassed the hell out of me and goes
"dude for 4 hours..the whole ride up here...all i heard was corey taylor corey taylor corey taylor"
corey looks at me and goes"i didnt think anyone could talk about me for that long"
so my ex goes..."oh it gets worse"
unfortunately i didnt get to clarify with corey that the whole conversation was slipknot and stone sour not

corey corey corey
so the birthday cake finally emerged out of nowhere! (i thought it was gone...it made me sad
corey gets it handed to him and he just shoves his face in it after i picked another handful from it
he asked around for a napkin and some dude handed him one.
he goes"what the fuck are you carryin around napkins in your pocket for?"
so he wiped his face which was covered in chocolate and looked at me and held them out
"you want these?"
of course i took them gratefully heehee.
so some girl comes up and gets above her chest signed.
a fan was like "having fun corey?"
and he says he would if someone would get a more provocative autograph.
i took my cue and slid closer to him and was like "hi corey" with a cheesy ass grin on my face
he goes"what the fuck do you want now? youre startin to piss me off" laughin and smiling and shit.
i told him id get the better autograph.
so he asks me where and i was like "where do you think?"
i was extremely embarrassed and shy at the moment,
so i told him i wanted it on my chest and he told me to lift up my shirt.
panic struck me and im just like..."everyone look away!"
no one listened so corey stepped into the rescue and screamed for everyone to look away
i look behind me and everyones looking away from us! whistling and shit like that..it was amazing.
so he signed me..... and i freaked out when i felt the sharpie go over......um....ahem....the middle.....of ..

.where he signed.
im probably going to meet them again when they come to my town....im just scared corey will hate me cuz of my story.
sorry this is so long but....had alot happen to me that night,. best ngiht of my fuckin life :*)

Thats a nice and long story, thank ya!!


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