Fortune and Men's Eyes (1969)

Homosexuality in jail. With Don Johnson as the first offender who arrives as a terrified child

Starring : Smitty Don Johnson
Queenie Michael Greer
Mona Gary Tigerman
Guard Tom Reese
Rocky Sal Mineo

Don in "Fortune and Men's Eyes"

Directed by : Sal Mineo
Author: John Herbert
Producer : Moe Weise
Wardrobe Mistress : Connee Grayle
Set Designer : Conrad Penrod
Scenic Artist : John Eber
Electrician : Brice Wood
Sound : Charles Marshall
Still Photography : Wilson Millar
Carpenters : David Asher, Clint Spencer and Larry Lefler
Accountant : Frank Chesler
Artist : Bill Mordente

Made for theatre
Opening Date in Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles : January 9, 1969

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