t      My Life Untold

Hi, Welcome to my site!
My name is Thomas Glorieux
And if your feeling up to it, here's a little bit of info about me ...

First of all, I'm Belgian, so the next few lines will seem silly if you're not Dutch speaking but zoals gezegd ben ik van BelgiŽ, een klein dorpje in Oost Vlaanderen en ben geboren te Gent. Hou veel van muziek, films maar ook van zaken doen met vrienden en ja, de rest kan je waarschijnlijk ontdekken in de tekst hieronder. Gewoon maar op te wijzen dat ik Nederlandstalig ben, Engels meer dan machtig ben en zelfs Frans kan. Niet om te stoefen, maar voor de personen die in hun taal mij willen contacteren mogen gerust zijn dat ik ze zal antwoorden in hun taal terug. Alleen nie met Chinees beginnen he!

Well, where to start, well I was born (shocking that may sound) on the first of September (begin of the schools here in Belgium) and that in the year 1980. To be precisely, I was born in Gent, Belgium and therefore I am the proud person of a country were chocolate, beer and French fries are the best in the world. We invented the fries but since we were a land of 2 languages, a French idiot got the stardom of receiving the honor to his nation; but trust me, we invented them. Anyway, I went to school and did nothing there except having fun (of course I learned a little bit) and so I graduated with a normal diploma in computer programming, something I use now to create this lame site. But that's not all, I'm a big fanatic of everything that involves films. Naturally film music plays a large role but also the films I'm crazy for and the list alone of what I've seen is impressive! But since nobody cares for that, I say what the hell with it. I'm also the proud owner of a graphic memory which means I can practically revisit the entire film (in my mind) months after I've seen it once. And even themes I can sing without problem the moment I try hard and long enough after hearing them once. I even did The Lion King with entire dialogue once in the car, but it didn't take long before my parent dropped me off at a gas station and drove away. Anyway, I'm a fun guy if you like that, since I've got the interesting habit of liking any person, and I can talk to young, old as infant and even get away with it. My other hobbies are bowling, soccer (seeing as playing), having the honor of going out with my (female) friends as doing what I always does when not doing anything, meaning sleep. For the rest I guess I'm the next guy as any other, since I bleed and nag as any person does.

My favorite composers are Hans Zimmer (A League of Their Own and Backdraft are my favorite scores), John Powell (Chicken Run), James Newton Howard (Waterworld), the late Jerry Goldsmith (First Knight), David Newman (Operation Dumbo Drop) and Marco Beltrami (Mimic and Hellboy) when they compose their great new score and naturally John Williams (Hook). As of films, I like so many but especially I'm a James Cameron fan and Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 1 and 2, True Lies as Titanic are the best things the world has ever seen. But I also like recently a lot Shyamalan with his brilliant The 6th Sense, Unbreakable and Sings, The Village still got those moments even though it is his weakest and Lady in the Water is a darn effective fantasy film. But other things I like of films too, like for instance A League of Their Own (that captures in my eyes a stunning cast with incredible humor and emotional heartfelt drama in a sports setting, and above all the best Hans Zimmer score there is). Yes you heard it, I personally find A League of Their Own the best score on earth (along with Backdraft and The Prince of Egypt). Since it captures a side of Hans Zimmer that we haven't heard before once. Ohh, back to movies, I love those '80, with their fun teenage flicks, License to Drive, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science and stuff like John Hughes is hilarious and I personally miss that the most of the '80, along with the songs of that era of course. I've seen so many good movies its hard to point out others, but stuff like Galaxy Quest, Chicken Run, Tremors, Cool Runnings, The Mighty Ducks movies, Saving Private Ryan, The Lost World and many others are so adored by me, I could watch them again and again. But also the comic book heroes, like X-Men and especially X-Men 2 carry so much more depth then other comic translations, even though I have to admit I like Spider-Man 2 more then the first. Ohh, and of plain music I liked the classics of the '80, like Queen, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams as Bon Jovi, and again all what came down that era. But recently I've been nuts about bands like Within Temptation, Keane and my favorites Nightwhish. And if you like to know, Television series are becoming more and more an obsession of mine too, great stuff like ER, 24, Lost, Heroes, and older stuff like The X-Files, Fresh Prince of Bell Air and Friends. Its all worthwhile when it pays my DVD player a visit! ;-)

For the rest I can happily report that I work for a living (woohoo), this for P&V Insurances. I also love animals but bugs or especially spiders don't need to pay me a visit since they will easily see my friend (shoe, newspaper, comic book) quickly again. And naturally I have a family but my parents leave me alone with what I do and my brother is the same as me, a big movie, music game enthusiast so we can share a lot of interests together. What to tell you more, hmn I'm a sweet guy, I get around with anybody and I'm passionate for many things. And yes, almost each score that is reviewed here I own, so the moment this place burns off here, I'm gonna kill myself. I guess this so far covers my life but of course questions you can always ask, and when I feel like it, you will be answered all in due time. I know this is not what you wanted to know, but alas I do other things as well you know. And forgive the faults I make in English, but that's just me in a nutshell. Oh, and if I don't answer quickly enough, it means I'm enjoying life with my friends or family, so please be a little patient ok? Ciao ...