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"A time traveling phenomenon, worthy of a true classic treatment"

Review by Thomas Glorieux:

The album had been released along with the movie's immense success though a complete score of Alan Silvestri didn't receive a proper release and persons had to look out for the bootleg. This album has two tracks of Alan Silvestri, the famous main theme and the overture, both are of course found on the bootleg. But the rest were songs, not bad but Silvestri's credit to the movie was obviously ignored. I wonder how many albums could've been sold if there ever was a proper release of Back to the Future. The songs are neatly chosen but some of them I never heard during the movie. Perhaps I'm wrong about that. Maybe they aren't that loudly played but I would hardly believe that, I know the movie like the back of my hand (meaning fairly good).

'The Power of Love' is heard during the begin of the movie, I didn't recall though 'Time Bombtown' and 'Heaven is One Step Away'. 'The Wallflower' is the tune that can be heard during the cafe scenes and 'Night Train' is the jazz band tune at the end of the dance. The last two songs will be familiar with the fans. Strange about those two songs (tracks 2 and 4) and perhaps more of Silvestri could have been placed instead. It is however obvious that they were included to simply make the album more attractive for the casual buying public. One word about the two final songs. For those who don't know this, they aren't sung by Marvin Berry and Marty's character Michael J. Fox, though I was fooled with Fox' voice. Respectively Harry Walters Jr. and Mark Campbell performed those songs. Well, I didn't know that to start with. Silvestri's score featuring still a nice time and running for about 11 minutes can please any Die Hard fan. But the rest is up to you. I had no problem with the songs from the start but I also have the bootleg which makes the frustration definitely lighter. I have everything I want, not everyone can admit that I think.

Back to the Future "Bootleg"

It's hard not to enjoy one of the three scores of the Back to the Future trilogy, but what if you can hear the original score of Alan Silvestri (44 minutes of it) and wrapped around in a good sound quality that doesn't disturb your listening pleasure? Well, any fan would directly say "YES" and I am proud I did say "YES"! This has to be one of the best classic scores of the 80'. It doesn't even matter that this is not something like Star Wars or Indiana Jones, the fun that awaits you when you spot the main theme for the first time is all you need to get excited. Alan Silvestri's theme by the way is equally respected and beloved like all the other big themes of it's genre. And so with a special recorded bootleg version I went back in time with Alan Silvestri's brilliant adventure score.

The bootleg starts with an overture, a suite that packs up all the themes of the movie. This one is the exact same suite that is found on the original release of the Back to the Future album. This isn't a full concert performance but several moments tied together in a very enjoyable form by the way. The main theme is heard during the second track, 'Main Theme' and also during the massive 'The Libyans', 'The Skateboard Chase', 'It's Been Real Educational' and 'End Title'. These tracks are especially worthy of attention. While 'The Skateboard Chase' presents the theme with mighty heroism it is 'The Libyans' that is massive fun to hear again after all those years. A great pounding drum march starts to build into full gear while the second part unleashes the theme with a pace time travel worthy. It has become one of my all time favorites of Alan Silvestri's career thus far. The track titles by the way weren't in order, so check out the correct presentation at the bottom of this page. The only thing that could scare potential buyers is the sound quality. Luckily, there is no problem except when the score heads into the lower tone or a non orchestral performance, then it might become noticeable. But all in all, I have to say that it doesn't bother a bit because you don't pay attention to it, a good sign indeed.

Back to the Future is really an opportunity to let yourself go wild and Silvestri delivered a fine score full of big adventurous music. I would dare to say that it resembles a bit the feeling I had when I heard Cutthroat Island for the first time, but of course with half of the bombastic music. Nonetheless the feeling was the same. You receive the first dazzling adventure cue, then a soft cue starts to play before we are back to non stop action. The movie is superb and Silvestri's score helped a great deal in laying the magical structure. I can not remember back when I enjoyed a movie so much and loved the score in and outside of it's context. I mean I saw this movie 10 to 12 years ago for the first time. Silvestri fans, heck any good all lover of fun and great adventurous music should try to pick up an available copy, for a respectable and reasonable price I might add. I bought this version as a CD-R bootleg and I'm proud of it. It might not contain crystal sound quality but the fun, the excitement and the sheer amusement takes any flaw you might encounter into oblivion. Back to the Future especially proves that it doesn't go bad when you turn back the clock.

Back to the Future: ***                        Score: *****     Songs: ***
Back to the Future
"Bootleg": *****


Tracks Single Disc

1. The Power Of Life: Huey Lewis & the News (3.55)

2. Time Bombtown: Lindsey Buckingham (2.44)

3. Back To The Future * (3.17)    Excellent Track

4. Heaven Is One Step Away: Eric Clapton (4.09)

5. Back In Time: Huey Lewis & the News (4.18)

6. Back To The Future Overture * (8.17)    Excellent Track

7. The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry): Etta James (2.42)

8. Night Train: Marvin Berry & the Starlighters (2.14)

9. Earth Angel: Marvin Berry & the Starlighters (2.59)

10. Johnny B. Goode: Marty McFly & the Starlighters (3.07)

* Score composed by Alan Silvestri

Total Length: 38.13


Back to the Future "Bootleg"

1. Overture (8.14)    Excellent Track

2. Main Theme (3.11)    Excellent Track

3. The Delorean Revealed (0.44)

4. Einstein Disintegrates (1.20)

5. Gigawatts (1.33)

6. The Libyans (4.33)    Excellent Track

7. The Delorean Ditched (1.46)

8. The Town Square (1.14)

9. The Skateboard Chase (1.36)    Excellent Track

10. The Kiss (0.36)

11. The Letter (1.16)

12. Doc Returns (1.12)

13. The Delorean Retrieved (1.11)

14. The Clock - Tower (4.52)    Excellent Track

15. It's Been Real Educational (4.50)    Excellent Track

16. What An Adventure (0.54)

17. End Title (3.11)    Excellent Track

Correct Order: (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 13 - 9 - 11 - 10 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 12 - 17)

Total Length: 42.15


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Original Soundtrack by Alan Silvestri
Original song by Huey Lewis, Eric Clapton, ...

Produced by by Alan Silvestri

Orchestrations by James B. Campbell

Performed by The Outatime Orchestra

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