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Normal ReleaseExpanded Edition

"We loved the trailer, we loved the movie and we love this score"

Review by Thomas Glorieux:

In a year where thrillers were the maximum of Basil Poledouris' habits, we also reached the pinnacle of his career, again. Robocop, the ultra violent movie of Paul Verhoeven gave him the reputation he has today, it is Starship Troopers that puts him back in the seat of brining the heroism, patriotism and bold action to live. Fans saw this only as a good thing, and while it doesn't reach the limit Robocop still has after all those years, its darn fine to see him back at control of this stuff again. In other words, the score has a lot going for it, it has dam cool action music. People that witnessed the ultra violent movie and dismissed it should only blame themselves for watching it. Whoever thought that the mean bugs would leave its threat unharmed and with all body parts still attached really was in the wrong theatre. Paul Verhoeven wants to shock the audience, but in other way, he really gives you the boost when those bugs get the punishment they deserve. And Basil Poledouris puts it all in this score. Ready to rock the theatre and your living room.

The album, 36 minutes long and 4 minutes devoted to daughter Zo perhaps sounds plenty but the expanded edition proved there was material, good material missing and so people really pumped of this score will receive a boost more with that edition. This score surely gives the action a run for its money and delivers all the power and tempo. Surely the most bombastic wins, and put some heroism and patriotism inside it and 'Klendathu Drop' becomes the winner of the evening. Robocop revisited, Basil can really do this right. The main part of the score is devoted to action music and rarely do we receive calm, emotional music. 'Punishment / Asteroid Grazing' has moments inside of it and the lovely spoiler track 'Dizzy's Funeral' is probably the best moment of all. Still, where the adrenaline goes is from action moments such as 'Destruction of Roger Young', 'Brainbug' and 'They Will Win'. The last track brings us Zo Poledouris to the foreground, and those really shouldn't have done this. Sorry for her, but I was going to give this score the first time I heard it simply a star lesser because of her performance. Of course this is unfair for Poledouris' composition and the second time it all was judged a bit fair.

But the main result is at the end, 6 minutes of calm music and 30 minutes of non stop pounding and powerful rhythms. In other words, Basil Poledouris' fans that adored Robocop and favor more action are really going to like this little entry. And the ones that aren't getting enough of it and want more, the expanded edition really delivers it. For the overall judgment it is easy that Starship Troopers gives you boost, energy and thrust, so don't sit in a car while listening to it. It isn't the biggest sensation of Poledouris' career, and with all respect he did compose better but it all completes the movie with this energy unseen, delivering this powerful sound inside of you that you want to kill that spider that's hanging outside your window within a flash.

Starship Troopers "Expanded Edition"

Though many neutral fans saw this as a bit of a surprise, Starship Troopers, the bombastic score of Basil Poledouris got an expanded edition, including 34 extra minutes of score. It seemed odd to me because I believe there wasn't a lot of material that was deserving this expanded edition, at least for the persons that found the original enough. But under the circumstances, there was some material that was essential to the movie's success. And with the serious loud sound quality of the movie, it was hardly to hear some pieces of Poledouris' score. Almost each track has a different name, and sometimes I got the feeling I was listening to another moment of score, like it was a different part of the movie. Also they used 3 times the same name for a track. And like any expanded version, there are tracks of 16 seconds long. But not to ruin your fun or anything, Starship Troopers has still a lot going for it.

There are those moments where the score really rocks, like the famous main theme version in 'Number 2 Chair'. There was a track I didn't noticed during the movie and this was 'Live Fire!'; I guess the first attack on the Alien planet, pretty bombastic if you ask me. The score features everything on action music and the quiet underscore of the softer moments during the movie (yes, there were softer scenes during the movie!). But the main part of the score's success was of course the action moments of Poledouris. They sound pretty much the same during the entire score through, and varying from small differences, there is still a lot to enjoy from Starship Troopers' action phrases. Especially the last tracks of the score succeed in this the best, with 'Hostilities' in the leading place. This is actually sort of a concert version, which each theme played behind the other, still the result is 10 minutes of pure fun. Make no mistake about the last track, this is no suite but simply 'They Will Win' from the original.

With 70 minutes of Starship Troopers, you could do a lot worse, think of 30 minutes of action music, and the rest differs from soft underscore and some small adventure pieces. Still, I found more then I ever dreamed for. Sure, the action pieces aren't varied enough to amuse the causal listener. But the persons that were fond of the original score might get a kick out of this one. There was a lot of comparison between the expanded editions of Starship Troopers and Independence Day, both expanded versions received releases during the same amount of time and people were deciding which version to buy. I find that a wrong conclusion because both scores differ from composer and actually intelligence. I know that Arnold's score is far more advanced then Poledouris' effort, but there is no law that stops you from enjoying both scores nonetheless. I advice you then also to buy this expanded edition if you simply loved the original, and you want to hear more. But a lot of people will get more then enough from their original, and that is fine by me.

Starship Troopers: ****
Starship Troopers "Expanded Edition":


Tracks Single Disc

1. Fed Net March (0.48)

2. Klendathu Drop (4.28)    Excellent Track

3. Punishment / Asteroid Grazing (4.50)

4. Tango Urilla (3.50)

5. Hopper Canyon (2.44)

6. Bugs!! (2.19)

7. Dizzy's Funeral (1.17)

8. Destruction Of Roger Young (3.26)    Excellent Track

9. Brainbug (3.58)    Excellent Track

10. They Will Win (4.01)    Excellent Track

11. Into It * (4.36)

* Music, lyrics and performed by Zo Poledouris

Total Length: 36.24


Starship Troopers "Expanded Edition"

1. The Beginning (1.55)

2. A Year Earlier (0.54)

3. Jump Ball (1.02)

4. Last Dance (1.38)

5. Federal Network (1.02)

6. Sgt. Zim (2.23)

7. Showers (4.50)

8. Number 2 Chair (5.18)    Excellent Track

9. Live Fire! (3.50)    Excellent Track

10. Punishment (0.52)

11. Evasion! (3.05)

12. A Call Home From Rico (1.27)

13. Federal Network (0.24)

14. A Mistake (0.47)

15. Klendathu Assaulto! (2.43)

16. Retreat! (2.19)

17. Federal Network (1.18)

18. The Ticonderoga (2.23)

19. Rasczak's Roughnecks (0.16)

20. Tango Urilla Mop-Up (0.35)

21. Fun Order (0.57)

22. Flying Bug! (0.42)

23. Whiskey Outpost (2.55)

24. Ambush At Planet P (3.27)    Excellent Track

25. Abandon Ship! (0.22)

26. Hostilities (10.04)    Excellent Track

27. Rescue Party (4.46)    Excellent Track

28. Brainy Bug (3.57)    Excellent Track

29. End (0.42)

30. Suite Of Themes (4.00)    Excellent Track

Total Length: 71.12


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Original Soundtrack by Basil Poledouris
Original song by Zo Poledouris

Produced by by Basil Poledouris, Tim Boyle, Curtis Rough & Eric Colvin
Executive Producer: Robert Townson

Orchestrations by Steven Scott Smalley, Steve Bramson & Greig McRitchie

Recorded at Sony Studios; Culver City

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