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"Magical Christmas feeling is sparkling in and outside the movie"

Review by Thomas Glorieux:

Treasured by both Elfman fanatics and regular film music fans, Edward Scissorhands by Danny Elfman is easily one of his best creations to date. Not the fact that it listens splendidly on CD but also the effect it has inside the wondrous fantasy tale of Burton, its popularity lies therefore both deep in the hearts of those who hear or see it accompanied by visual shots of Burton's imaginative mind. The reason why so many people love it is simple, the hair raising magic it creates for Edward's character is beyond words and the slightly off beat sounds that the suburbanites receive is equally fitting for the place. Without a doubt, it is one of those spine tingling listening experiences that does just everything right when you know what it all represents and accompanies during the film. I always loved its score during the film and that's why I always loved its effect during the listen on disc. Edward Scissorhands holds together with several others Elfman scores some of the best material the composer has ever written, and is a recommendation for whoever loves fantasy with a bit of dark and emotional color.

The score is actually divided into two pieces, the one that beholds Edward's discovery of the human out door life and that which underscores the human rejection against Edward and his different lifestyle. The first is of course a lot more lively and even upbeat at times. It starts with the introduction pieces which hold unto themselves a lot of magic like 'Storytime', with its fantasy sounding choir and the first touch of the wonderful main theme. 'Castle on the Hill' covers some more dark tones like we sometimes heard clearly in Nightbreed and later in Batman Returns. On the other hand 'Beautiful New World / Home Sweet Home' is alive of wonder and discovery. Even a bit of nostalgia and difference fits perfectly with pieces such as track 5 and 6. 'Ice Dance' is one the first real magical glimpses of the main theme version and leaves you in amazement during the scene on the screen. Another excellent highlight which I have come to appreciate is 'Death' with its wonderful string work, sad choir and climax of despair, easily one to treasure this piece. Still, Elfman remains himself and I can accept a piece like 'The Tide Turns' because it simply connects every feeling that has been shown onto the screen like that, with its dark choir at the end of the track that represents the rage of Edward against man kind. And even the more dark frenetic touches in 'The Final Confrontation' are all supreme touches of fitting design.

It is however not fully over, while I don't care for Tom Jones' forgettable entry at the end of the disc, there is still one moment that makes Edward Scissorhands unforgettable and that is Elfman's usual closer of the score. 'Farewell' but most of all the pure brilliance in 'The Grand Finale' leaves you gapping for air. One of the most striking finales I have ever heard, Danny Elfman unleashes a powerful orchestral and choral performance of the main theme at you, it is without exaggeration the piece which makes this score solely responsible for a necessary purchase. Not only it the entire score a textbook example of a movie that couldn't live without this kind of music, but it also has everything that made fans fall in love with Elfman in the first place. Don't consider his more experimental side of the late '90 the top of his game but solely efforts like Edward Scissorhands and even the unreleased yet recent The Family Man have given him the status to bring out the best magical quality film music of his generation. When he brings out the best and most emotional heart and puts it in his themes, combined with a choir, it is not the heaven you feel but you visit. Edward Scissorhands is a tale of fantasy that speaks with music so vividly you can't help but feel all kid back inside.


Tracks Single Disc

1. Introduction Titles (2.36)

2. Storytime (2.35)    Excellent Track

3. Castle On The Hill (6.24)

4. Beautiful New World / Home Sweet Home (2.04)

5. The Cookie Factory (2.14)

6.Ballet De Suburbia (Suite) (1.17)

7. Ice Dance (1.44)    Excellent Track

8. Etiquette Lesson (1.37)

9. Edward The Barber (3.18)

10. Esmeralda (0.25)

11. Death (3.30)    Excellent Track

12. The Tide Turns (5.30)

13. The Final Confrontation (2.16)

14. Farewell (2.45)

15. The Grand Finale (3.23)    Excellent Track

16. The End (4.45)

17. With These Hands: Tom Jones (2.41)

Total Length: 49.20


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Original Soundtrack by Danny Elfman
Original song by Tom Jones

Produced by by Danny Elfman
Executive Producer: Kathy Nelson

Orchestrations by Steve Bartek

Performed by The Paulist Choristers of California

Recorded at Colombia Music Scoring; Culver City

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