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"The most fun you'll ever have when hearing dog barks in Western thematic material, with Patton saluting the way"

Review by Thomas Glorieux:

If a project comes to mind that couldn't show better the 2 zany creative minds of Joe Dante and Jerry Goldsmith at work, I would have to say that The 'Burbs is definitely the pick of them all. A simply hilarious black comedy, so over the top and so full of wit and charm, Joe Dante directed Tom Hanks and Bruce Dern to their most hilarious yet serious performances yet. And behind them stood a composer at the top of his game, a mastermind of creativity and dare. And Jerry Goldsmith dared to go for his wild self in this one because it stands today as one of his most creative and fun projects he ever composed. The 'Burbs was long time an out of print release, covering 30 minutes of music. A bootleg later surfaced on the market with everything Goldsmith wrote for the picture yet the quality was absolutely hideous. Now comes the Deluxe Edition, another proud release and worthy investment, showing the true genius of Goldsmith at work. The 'Burbs simply is genius in its way that it enhances an already black comedy to another level with a soundscape that fits the suburban neighborhood like a glove. And in all that, Goldsmith weaves some of his most fun themes yet. With 'Night Work (Main Title)' the mysteriousness of the Klopeks is heard, the organ signifying their strange evil house and it completely goes over the top when a little Patton motif shows Bruce Dern's crazy character. Such a noble theme for the general, and it literally identifies the patriotic character that is Rumsfield. And yet, Goldsmith shows more inventive twists with 'The Window / Home Delivery' when his lovely Poltergeist like suburban theme gets a comedic barking sound when it follows Queenie to the lawn. Its truly hilarious and above all fitting this little dog tune. In 'Good Neighbours' the mysterious Klopek theme finally shows its delicious evil wings when Goldsmith strengthens it a bit. New for the listeners is 'Let's Go', in the movie an Ennio Morricone piece was used, on album the heroic theme is heard yet here it doesn't work because Ray Petersen still isn't convinced that his neighbours are up to foul play.  The eerie strings ala Rambo are spotted in 'The Sentinel' while funny Gremlins effects pop up in 'My Neighborhood'. Its not until 'The Garage' that Goldsmith goes over the top with his Klopek theme, more organ and new demonic twists grab you while this piece appears to be longer than used in the film.

Its great as well how the organ appears more and more on the CD, because The Klopeks are also appear more in the film. And when Art is scaring Ray with his chants, the music becomes deliciously demonic in 'Devil Worship' and 'The Dream', creating a fantastic over the top mood with vocal, organ, percussion and strings (its especially the crispy recording that shows how freakin' hilarious Goldsmith's music truly is). The bone sequence in 'This is Walter', the Patton motif and a new comedic march in 'Snooping Around' and a fantastic array of detail of both the violin and organ in 'Ask Him' show just how well Goldsmith understood the film. This is music that just defines the movie. More exiting is the crazy action music like in 'What's in the Cellar?' and later 'My Skull / The Gurney' which is basically wild yet exiting as hell. The first real sign in the film of Ray's heroic theme is for 'The Wig', showing that Ray finally wants to uncover the truth of The Klopeks, which are stated as well with a breathtaking altered version of their theme at the end of this track. A march ala Small Soldiers pops up in 'Hot Wires' which is great and Patton and the heroic theme signify Rumsfield and Ray doing their thing. 'Walter's Home' has got a great building suspenseful move which grows from quirky to discovery, followed by a big blast of the heroic western theme in 'Something is Moving', a truly delicious moment in both the film as on CD. Its only completed by the crazy action music, the lovely state of things for the neighborhoud and a simply wild performance of all themes in 'End Credits'. Simply how Goldsmith ends the CD shows how fun, crazy, zany, inventive and wild he composed all that stands for The 'Burbs. Its the truth, a listener who can't find the charm and wit in this one isn't getting the big picture. Its music that is basically full of witty tunes and moments that it puts a smile on you whichever track you're hearing. From his demonic chants to the overblown heroic tune, The 'Burbs is a riveting experience coming from Goldsmith's best era. And now the sound quality shows a piece of work that defines Goldsmith's talent. He was a brilliant composer, and a real daredevil. With The 'Burbs he showed that movie music sometimes needs to be fun to become fun. And this Deluxe Edition barks its way because of that into cinema history.


Tracks Single Disc

1. Night Work (Main Title) (2.38)
2. The Window / Home Delivery (2.22)    Excellent Track
3. The Raven (0.51)
4. Nocturnal Feeders (0.27)
5. Good Neighbors (2.06)    Excellent Track
6. Let’s Go (2.04)
7. Bad Karma (0.38)
8. The Sentinel (3.22)
9. My Neighborhood (2.04)
10. The Garage (4.24)    Excellent Track
11. Spare Key (1.19)
12. The Note (1.00)
13. Devil Worship (1.12)
14. The Dream (2.34)    Excellent Track
15. The Note #2 (1.28)
16. This Is Walter (2.00)
17. Snooping Around (0.50)
18. I’m O.K. (1.02)
19. Ask Him (1.24)
20. What’s In The Cellar? (1.00)
21. The Wig (2.23)    Excellent Track
22. Hot Wires (2.39)
23. Red Rover, Red Rover (1.11)
24. No Beer (3.07)
25. Home Furnace (1.44)
26. No Lights (0.48)
27. Walter’s Home (1.58)
28. Something Is Moving (1.46)    Excellent Track
29. There’s A Body (1.04)
30. My Skull / The Gurney (2.24)    Excellent Track
31. The Trunk (1.41)
32. Pack Your Bags (2.15)
33. Square One (End Credits) (4.14)    Excellent Track

Total Length: 61.55


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Original Soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith

Produced by by Robert Townson

Orchestrations by Arthur Morton

Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony


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