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"The sounds of the '80 never dies"

Review by Thomas Glorieux:

Rarely do you shift back in time when listening to a soundtrack like The NeverEnding Story! Having seen the film multiple times as a child, it was always a welcome look to simply discover a world of fantasy and adventure. The movie always put a spell on me and whether it was Atreju or Sebastian living the life, it was for any child a matter of living your dream and making it reality. One of the reasons why there is still magic in this kind of movie is the '80 score to accompany it with, and as many classic songs the '80 will never die. From the song of the score to the 2 composers' doing, The NeverEnding Story is a wonderful turn back to synthesizers, simple yet lovely melodies and basically having a feeling that it just feels right for you to begin with. First of all, why there are two composers and not one is a mystery but both styles mix very well together that I simply stopped asking those questions when the score began playing. Another reason for its ongoing appeal is the '80 song by Limahl and her disappearance from the stage from that time on. It is equally a song that listens just like everything composed in that time ever-classic, and will make no one thinking twice in hitting that "next track" button when the CD starts weaving the magic back to Fantasia.

As told, it is the song that opens the soundtrack but from track 2, we hear 5 cues produced and presumably composed by Giorgio Moroder. His contribution isn't light and he gives us several themes that will hardly to not all be used by Doldinger in the score (but definitely in the film). Like 'Swamps of Sadness' with its drama theme appearing equally in 'Ruined Landscape' reminding you of the drama theme of Faltermeyer in Top Gun, especially the expanded CD is recommendable for realizing what I mean because that extra track and theme is only available on that expanded release. He also unleashes the theme for 'Ivory Tower' which is bouncy yet cool. Yet, the contribution of Klaus Doldinger (of Das Boot fame) is much more apparent and listens also with a stronger tone to more orchestral scope. Don't expect something in the vein of orchestras, it is Moroder's side that listens techno and synthesizer like and Doldinger throws in a choir, a couple of flutes and simply a bit more thickness. His first track is already a tiny classic since I love hearing 'Bastian's Happy Flight' with its air of adventure, height and nothing to worry about attitude. It is cool and very good to listen to stuff. Another theme and appearing a bit more is the hypnotic Fantasia theme in 'Fantasia', which listens like the same mysterious motif as found in Grusin's adventure score The Goonies.

Yet there is another theme which is Atreju's one. Appearing more frequently then any other theme, it shows up in 'Atreju's Quest' along with the flight theme. This track basically leans close as to something Zimmer would write in the period. It is a very cool track and a theme that has the trademarks of a Zimmer theme from that time. 'Theme of Sadness' covers the same drama theme of track two (for once a theme used by Doldinger of Moroder), yet here by ethnic flute and 'Mirrorgate / Southern Oracle' is covering for once darker building suspense music, with brief statements of Fantasia's theme in begin and an adaptation of the flying theme at the end. 'The Auryn' is a lovely track, it covers Atreju's theme but this time happily performed by a children's choir which gives it a sense of grace and relief. The Flying theme ends it with 'Happy Flight'. Basically, you simply couldn't wish for a score that takes you much more back to the '80 then The NeverEnding Story. Especially if you loved the movie as a child. Both styles of the composers are a bit different but in fact very much alike and whether it is the more synthesized rhythms of Moroder giving you Faltermeyer impressions or the adventure style of Doldinger which has tiny parts alike of Zimmer, it is basically a very '80 score. And since everybody loved that period, it is fair to say that The NeverEnding Story as a score will not disappoint your tiny adventurous heart longing for fantasy.


Tracks Single Disc

1. Never Ending Story: Limahl * (3.32)

2. Swamps Of Sadness * (1.57)

3. Ivory Tower * (3.10)

4. Ruined Landscape * (3.03)

5. Sleepy Dragon * (3.55)

6. Bastian's Happy Flight ** (3.16)    Excellent Track

7. Fantasia ** (0.55)

8. Atreju's Quest ** (2.51)

9. Theme Of Sadness ** (2.43)

10. Atreju Meets Falkor ** (2.30)

11. Mirrorgate / Southern Oracle ** (3.09)

12. Gmork ** (0.29)

13. Moonchild ** (1.23)

14. The Auryn ** (2.19)

15. Happy Flight ** (1.22)

* Composed and produced by Giorgio Moroder

** Composed and produced by Klaus Doldinger

Total Length: 36.43


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Original Soundtrack by Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder
Original song by Limahl

Produced by by Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder




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