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"Airborne soars back to that Medal of Honor magic we thought that was Lost"

Review by Thomas Glorieux:

If people only know found out the name Michael Giacchino, they were missing a great period before something as Lost came along. Of course the man now is practically a living legend for filmmaker J.J. Abrams and for many Television fanatics. But before all that hoopla of islands and incredibles, there was a Medal of Honor series. One that is expanding every year to amazing heights. And now the height is of the utmost importance because we go Airborne, a new interactive free flowing engine makes sure you land wherever you want from now on! This of course to make sure you're gonna witness the action from the very first row or not. And back for the ride is composer Michael Giacchino. First off, I'm surprised to see him back in action because I thought he would be too busy now with all those Lost episodes, other video game franchises and big budget movies. But no, he just returned after a successful if not spectacular interpause made by Christopher Lennertz. And I must say, I was really looking forward to this. Of course, you must know that the style of Giacchino has altered, has matured like for instance any great composer into a more brassy rhythmic and energetic style (look at the John Williams now and the one 20 years ago). So that's how we got M:I III, Lost and for instance Call of Duty. But what if you mix that style with themes and more thematic material of the MOH franchise? Then you get Airborne and my god that makes for intriguing listening. With 'Medal of Honor Airborne Theme' you return to what made MOH so grand, namely its heroic theme and here whirling strings give it a new dimension. However in this track the new Airborne theme is introduced as well and its not as grand nor exiting as his main theme but surely fits the bill. And at the end both themes flow together for an amazing final minute. Yet its clear from 'Operation Husky' that the energy and rhythm from his previous scores (especially M:I III) is now the driving force of this score, and the Airborne theme is surrounded by fast brassy play. And 'Back Alleys' shows further along the new style when a darker piece just grows in Lost sense towards its climax.

How good these tracks are and the ones that continue the pace, they also bring no rest for a breather. More fleshed out affairs for 'In the Trenches', mysterious ways in 'Restoration Temple' and an Airborne action moment in 'Gunfight in the Ruins', they all excite more than they sooth. Great moments are when Giacchino brings variations of his themes, in 'Operation Neptune' we have a cool variation on the Airborne theme while 'Unblocking Utah' has for the first time a stirring effort from strings and drums, and it isn't surprising that the MOH theme joins the frontline to create a great track. A new theme is introduced in 'Operation Varsity' and expanded in sinister ways to its big finish in 'Sniper Showdown'. 'Dropping Into Nijmegen' has a lonesome trumpet line of the Airborne theme but what's great is that Giacchino finally shows some softer non energetic moments, and 'Wreckage of Nijmegen' is a 7 minute delight that makes use of that non energy and makes the track grow to an overtly dramatic piece full of emotional fanfares. And this is the sign for a killer ending. 'Taking Out the Sighting Tower' brings a brassy action / heroic theme that sounds so cool, before the main theme of MOH can sign of 'Paestum Landing' with its biggest heroic soaring version yet, aided especially by the strings that guide them to that finish. In 'Medal of Honor Airborne End Credits' we especially get that sense of Lost when strings soar to the main themes of these games. Its not as colorful, big or thematic as the previous Giacchino games but it sure is exiting, brassy and especially a step up from the Call of Duty games he scored. That saga was dark, brassy and non thematic (in a good way). Here that style mixes itself with energetic dark themes and the MOH main theme to create a Giacchino effort that is different from what he wrote before yet equal to what he writes nowadays. Its especially amazing when we hear the themes that were introduced big in the first games make their way to their most stirring version yet. Medal of Honor: Airborne is thereby an energetic Giacchino affair that hits not all the right notes, but surely the big driving notes. Welcome back Michael Giacchino to a series that were Lost without your voice.


Tracks Single Disc

1. Medal Of Honor Airborne Theme (3.48)    Excellent Track

2. Operation Husky (3.27)

3. Back Alleys (2.24)

4. In The Trenches (2.34)

5. Restoration Temple (2.46)

6. Gunfight In The Ruins (5.24)

7. Operation Neptune (2.34)

8. Following The Demolition Wires (1.06)

9. Room By Room (2.23)

10. Unblocking Utah (2.43)    Excellent Track

11. Operation Varsity (3.38)

12. Sniper Showdown (3.16)

13. Das Flakturn (2.36)

14. Destroying The Fuel Reserves (2.29)

15. Dropping Into Nijmegen (3.00)

16. Wreckage Of Nijmegen (7.04)    Excellent Track

17. Defusing The Charges (2.37)

18. Taking Out The Sighting Tower (2.30)    Excellent Track

19. Paestum Landing (2.50)    Excellent Track

20. Medal Of Honor Airborne End Credits (4.14)    Excellent Track

Total Length: 63.23


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Original Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino


Orchestrations by Jennifer Hammond & Chris Tilton

Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony

Recorded at Paramount Scoring Stage M

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