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Alas, this is the end of Radio Soundtrack FM
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"News of the Days gone by"

21 November 2007

Greetings filmscore fans,

I decided to end my current site Radio Soundtrack FM to continue my duties on an upcoming filmmusic site. This means that Radio Soundtrack FM will no longer be updated but that any upcoming new review will be posted on this new site. For me it was time to take things to a higher level and since I spoke with my good buddy Bregt from, we decided to merge and it was time to make an even larger, better and above all more interactive site. Don't worry, every review you'll find here will be placed on the new site (this process on the other hand will take months so the site will remain for now online). However any new upcoming review will be posted in the next weeks to months on the new site. Plus I'm glad to inform that we will be posting reviews from multiple reviewers who all bring their diverse unique way upon filmmusic. So I hope to see you all on our own greater, grander and above all interactive grand new filmmusic site. And for the fans who can't get enough of my writing, I wonder who that special someone is ;-), I will continue my reviewing on the upcoming site, a site with a future in filmmusic.

It was fun hosting this informative yet very amateuristic site, now its time to bring you filmmusic impressions in a newer more interactive form. I hope to see you all there.

Yours truly, Thomas

" I'm glad to see you all on our new filmmusic site "

The use of artwork, photos and other informational tools is posted for non profited reasons, I post them because it will give a larger wealth of information, if I don't post them (then my site looks silly). However if you want me to remove certain things, I will be very sad, but will remove them anyway. My personal indications do not reflect any other persons vision towards film music. And most importantly, there were no animals harmed during this creation.

Further, titles and the main front title is created by my good friend and composer Mac Styran, remember the name, I guarantee it! I thank him with this for his friendship as assistance to this site, and to all readers, thanks for visiting!

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