Something about the leaders of the group

Alain and Ann Sansen, are studying the folklore of the Balkan since many years. They specialized in Bulgarian dances and traditions.

Every year, they learn more from well known Bulgarian choreographers, such as Kostadin Rouitchev (from the "Pirin ensemble") Belco Stanev (Varna), Ives Moreau (Canada) and Gergana Panova (Philip Koutev).

They teach traditional Bulgarian dances in Liège (Belgium). Beginners can learn the basic steps (such as Kopanitsa, Rutchenitsa, etc...). They continue with dances from the different regions in Bulgaria (Shopluk, Dobroudja, Pirin, etc...) Choreographies, traditions, the making of traditional costumes, Bulgarian Embroidery, all are very important for them.

About Sedianka

Sedianka dances mostly village dances from the 19th, early 20th century.
Sometimes, choreographies are used to bring the dances together.

Sedianka has about 15 members and presents traditional dances, and also some theatrical scenes about popular Bulgarian traditions (Bulgarksa Svatba, Koukeri, Lazaruvane, etc...)

The show is extremely vivid and brings to life the asymmetric rhythms and the beautiful sounds of the traditional Bulgarian instruments. The male dancers show off their skills with quick steps and hops: maybe to impress their partners ? Meanwhile, the female dancers dance gracefully a wonderful 'HORO' (dance in Bulgarian)

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