For Openpli 4

Openpli ubuntu build server setup quick howto

As getting a working setup took some trial and error, loads of googling, pli-wiki and pli-searching owh yeah and compiling a build takes some time.................................................

Might as well use it to do some howto work to help people out.

Please comment or feel free to commit useful stuff to the OpenPli Wiki

This howto describes howto quickly setup a ubuntu-12.04 and howto configure it to build OpenPLi images. This in NOT a howto about virtualisation or installing ubuntu-12.04 only brief remarks will be made about this. Goal is to do this with a minimal version of ubuntu-12.04 able to build a OpenPli image, also to check all necessary ubuntu-packages. Which could be useful to help create a single *.deb like package for an even faster setup working systems in the future.

Although it's written for Unbuntu, the same should apply for Debian distro's. Most information was found on the and pli-forum This document only gathers the steps taken to successfully build an openpli-3,0 image.

This howto will not go in detail about installing Ubuntu your supposed to know how to do this. Although a short walk-true the setup process will follow. Preferred Ubuntu is installed on native hardware to speed up the build process, but it works just as well in a virtual environment if not in a hurry. Virtualbox + Extentions where installed on windows Xp or 7 x64 or 32 or writing this howto. Be sure to have sufficient disk-space, about 30 GB seems enough. If You build On other partition or external drive which is formatted with ext4 File system. If Your local drive or disk drive where You have the virtual disk is big enough and has enough free disk space, I suggest to use 80 GB. If You have the intention to build opepli images for several boxes, I advice to do this on external HD or another not used internal HD (an extra internal HD will give You better read/write performance then external especially for a big number of small files as access time is important there)

Let's start:


Here a new way off installing Thank's to Persian Prince works good with ubuntu 12.04-Lts x64

Openpli 4.0

Installing Appache http server and link to the openpli feeds.

When building fails

Some Handy Bitbake and git commands