News Archive: July > December 2001

This section archives the news of the second half 2001, as it has appeared on BDAMD.

10.12.01 Red Zebra recording new album in february
New wave old stars Red Zebra reached an agreement with their label to record a new album in february 2002. Paul Despiegelaere will keep an eye on them while recording in the BSB-studios in order to have some 10 tracks ready by the beginning of april. You can already check out their new songs as they appear regularly on a gig playlist.
Update 22.01.02: The album will be titled 'Don't put your head in a bucket'. Demo recordings can be downloaded at the offical Red Zebra website.
05.12.01 The Invitation celebrates tenth anniversary
  The famous Belgian party and concert organisation The Invitation celebrates its tenth anniversary with a two day festival including a warming up party in March 2002. The event will take place in 't Kuipke (Ghent-Belgium) and will feature the biggest names of the scene's past and present. For the moment, Belgian acts on the bill are Heyaeb, Dive and Star Industry. For the complete list of performing acts and updates, check our events page.
04.12.01 New compilation on COde in the making
  COde Products, Johan Van Roy's personal playground, announces the next chapter in the Voltage series: High Voltage III. This compilation - to be released in partnership with Bloodline - should be available in January 2002. Belgian bands to participate are a.o. Stin Scatzor and Empusae.
20.11.01 Design the new Sonar t-shirt and win
The Dirk Ivens newsletter informs us of a Sonar contest. Create your own Sonar t-shirt or logo and get rewarded with some exclusive Sonar stuff. Send your creative ideas to Daft Records or Sonar or by mail to PO Box 46, B-9120 Beveren (Belgium). Good luck!
13.11.01 This Vale of Tears announces new album
All tracks for the forthcoming album 'Exceed' (to be released in December, Black Rain) are now recorded. TVOT recorded them during October at the TVA studios in Bassevelde. These 6 new songs (together with the 4 of their 2001 promo) and one additional remix complete the full track list of the new album.
09.11.01 Eurorock goes indoors in January
The first Eurorock Indoor festival will take place at Hof Ter Lo (Antwerp/Belgium) on January 26th and January 27th 2002. Already scheduled for this two days event are Fad Gadget, Regenerator, Dance or Die, Libitina, Angels and Agony, Greenhaus, Accessory, Suicide Commando, Technoir, Swarf, The Wounded and Whispers in the Shadow. Nightbreed DJ's will be spinning tunes at the after-parties. On Sunday, preselections will be held for the Eurorock festival in August. You can send your demos to: PI-Events, Bondgenotenlaan 130, 3000 Leuven (Belgium).
08.11.01 Suicide Commando working on new material
The 'Love breeds suicide' EP proved to be a commercial success with a first place in the DAC and 4th in the Dutch Alternative Charts (DUC). Johan Van Roy says he's now working on new material that should lead to an album by the end of 2002. In the mean time, you can join their competition through the official Suicide Commando-website.
05.10.01 Spiral of Silence on the search for a new label
Belgian new wave band Spiral of Silence is looking out for a label to release their new album 'Decadent'. Energeia, the Italian label who took care of their debut 'Leap', stopped all its activities more than a year ago. In the mean time, Spiral of Silence recorded a complete album (12 tracks) that only needs remastering and is ready to hit the streets. Interested labels can contact Spiral of Silence through their website.
01.10.01 5 years Caer Gwydyon: The event
Geel (B) based organisation Caer Gwydyon celebrates its first lustrum with a full day event. On November 10th, you can spend the afternoon in JH Den Bogaard for a market with stands by magazines, clothing shops, music shops and jewelry stores. In the evening, a small festival is planned where several bands will play including Erato and IC434. The afterparty will host dj's like Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) next to the regular Caer Gwydyon crew.
01.10.01 Electrinity offers free design
  Electrinity is the artwork and design project by Stéphanie Fraikin, half of EBM act Buropolitik. In this role, she has been responsible for the lay-out of several covers (Ionic Vision, Buropolitik), posters (Kagan) and flyers. She now offers the possibility to do your artwork for free. Check the Electrinity website for some examples and all contact details.
10.07.01 New Belgian label: Alfa Matrix
Séba Dolimont, of Side-Line fame, together with some partners launched his own Brussels based label: Alfa Matrix. It will aim at international artists in the electronic mids and with a high potential, both well-known acts as new talent. All releases will come in two versions: a normal and a limited one. The limited edition of every release can only be ordered through the official label web site.

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