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13.11.02 Dark Entries on Belgian Independent Music Festival
Belgian Independent Music Festival The 41 issue of Dark Entries magazine will focus on the Belgian Independent Music Festival! And what's more, this issue will come with a free cd 'Belgian Independent Music' on which each festival band (and a few more) will provide a track. Even some exclusive material will be presented on this cd! But be aware, this cd is only available with Dark Entries magazine and is strictly limited. Of course you will be able to get hold of your copy on the festival, that's to say if you come early. For more info on the festival and to order your ticket online, check out the Dark Entries website.
06.11.02 Kagan Radio announces interviews
Kagan After having interviewed Spiral of Silence and Stin Scatzor in October, Kagan Radio announces two more live interviews. On 12.11, they'll welcome Empusae and Implant into the Radio Scorpio studio. Starting at 21h00, Empusae will showcase his official debut album 'Funestus' followed by Implant who will promote their newcomer 'Planet euphoria'. So if you live in the Leuven area, tune in to 106.0FM to hear these new releases and more music by their favorite artists.
06.11.02 Caer Gwydyon close friends with LeFantastique.Night
  Geel based organisation Caer Gwydyon joins forces with LeFantastique in promoting their activities. Another contest has just popped up with which you can win free tickets for LeFantastiqueNight III at Magasin 4, Brussels on 30.11 to see live on stage: Dead Man's Hill, One For Jude and In My Rosary + gothic-darkwave afterparty (DJ Gore - The Dawn Visitors). All you have to do is go to website of The Event and answer to a simple question. Good luck!
And of course, don't forget Caer Gwydyon celebrates its sixth anniversary on 16.11 (JC De Bogaard, Geel) with a gothic market, performances by Pulcher Femina, Elusive, Stin Scatzor and The Wounded and an after-party.
06.11.02 Kinky proposals by Mrs. Elia
  Studio Pandora combines several activities on the crossroad of role play and dark alternative music. Next to being host for the band Harmony and the Wizard, it also contains the fetish party crew Club Noir. Their upcoming activity takes place on 23.11 at a castle near Antwerp, offering a ball room, 2 B&D rooms, a chill out zone and a bar. It includes live performances (both musically and other), a piercing shop, etc. However, a strict dress code should be respected or entrance will be denied. Showing up in latex, vynil, leather or gothic clothing should do the trick.
20.10.02 New project by ex-member Vomito Negro
  Apparantly, Gin Devo, who left Vomito Negro in the beginning of 2002, is working on his new solo project. With a release planned for March 2003, he assures it will have a big impact on the EBM scene. It is not clear whether this release will be done under the name of Dreamwaver which popped up earlier this year.
Vomito Negro is announced to play at the Belgian Independent Music Festival on 28.12 in Antwerp, together with Act Dramatik, Empusae, Lizard Smile, Erato, Pangea, A Split Second, Dive, The Neon Judgement and Suicide Commando + special after gig by Monolith.
20.10.02 Atomic Studios online
Atomic Studios Mika informs us that the Atomic Studios (home of projects This Morn' Omina and Nebula-H) website has seen the light of day. With this online service, they hope to give their customers an even better support and extra platform to promote their business. Any comments are appreciated so don't hestitate to check it out.
20.10.02 Dark Entries issue 40
Dark Entries 40 The new issue from the dutch written goth magazine Dark Entries is out now. Included in the 40th issue are news, cd reviews, interviews with Covenant, Cenobita, Empusae, Spiral Of Silence, Backlash, Elusive, Hagalaz Runedance, The Wounded, Erato, and the third part in their gothic novel special. This issue comes together with the new album “III” from Belgian goth band Erato.
20.10.02 Suicide Commando to release best of
Noise Terror 3 But first things first: Suicide Commando uploaded a new site last month. The many different sections should keep the avarage fan busy for a few hours, so check it out on In the mean time, Johan Van Roy did some remix work for Spanish band Dyoxide, which should be released on Dying Culture this month. By the way, both bands will perform on the Maschinensturm festival (25.10, Hanau/GER), together with a.o. Stin Scatzor.
And one day later, it's Noise Terror time where this year Johan Van Roy invited Feindflug, Plastic Noise Experience, Aslan Faction and Mono No Aware to hit the stage (26.10, MOD, Hasselt/BEL), including an after-party with guest DJs X-X-X and Torben Schmidt.
'Anthology' is the title of the soon to be released 'best of ...' album from Suicide Commando. This album still is planned to be released at the end of this year and will most likely come in a special limited digipack design, including 2 discs... 1 disc including the best songs from the last decade and a 2nd disc including some exclusive mixes and rare tracks. Out on Dependent end of November/beginning of December.
20.10.02 Ongoing changes at Fear the Light
  Antwerp promotion pool Fear the Light has done some announces in the passed few weeks. Here's a round-up of all that information.
Again more bands have joined FTL: The Quiescent, Anaemica, Scared Mind, Gurthang, Snaga and Emptiness. Other bands changed their name: Snagah (other then the new band) has become CSIC, Ztran changed into Ingress and Mantis is now Et Mantis.
And you can now download the first two FTL samplers for free from the FTL website. The third sampler is out now containing tracks by Dead Man's Hill, CSIC, Lilac Ambush, Euforic Existence, Battalion, Dage-gen, Mantis, Slave Seperation, Sfagnum, Hermaxiss, Harmony and the Wizard, Requiem 537, Kenaz, Virtual Ice, Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe and Tragisch Optimisme.
12.09.02 Belgian Independent Music Festival goes big (update 29.09)
Belgian Independent Music Festival Although concerts and festivals are only announced through our agenda, this Belgian Independent Music Festival is something this website couldn't avoid paying some special attention to. Organiser Dark Entries announces a very fine line-up consisting of the most interesting Belgian bands of yesterday, today and hopefully tomorrow. On 28.12.2002, the following acts will perform in Hof ter Lo (Antwerp): Act Dramatik (dark techno), Pangea (ex- Temesta dark electro trance), Erato (melodic gothic), Empusae (industrial ambient), Lizard Smile (gothic rock, batcave), A Split Second (’80 electro wave), Dive (electro industrial), Vomito Negro (tbc), The Neon Judgement (’80 electro wave), Suicide Commando (dark electro) and an after gig by Monolith (industrial).
Update 29.09: Ticket order form now online. Tikects are limited to 1000 so act fast.
12.09.02 Erato III free with Dark Entries
Erato - III Erato will release its newborn child 'III' without the aid of an official label. You can get your hands on this release starting 20.09.2002 through their site, at concerts, ... But if you want to get it for free, then you will be pleased to hear that a promo copy will be attached to new Dark Entries (issue 40).
12.09.02 New Belgian label born
Tinnitus Tinnitus is a new Belgian weblabel featuring innovative dark, experimental, technoïd, noisy electronics and ambient music. You're invited to check out the internet only releases available for streaming and downloading. And if you're an artist interested in coöperating with Tinnitus, feel free to contact them through their website.
18.08.02 Belgium's heading towards a hot autumn
  Although temperatures are rising high these days, it looks like Belgium is heading for a pretty hot autumn as well. Several organisations already announced a wide variety of concerts in festivals presenting an astounding list of bands, starting in August.
23.08 - MS Stubnitz/Brugge - Kapellmeister Musikantenstadl ... [Brugge 2002]: Co Caspar, Kallabris, Club Moral, Porn.Darsteller & Stijn
31.08 - Cabaret Voltaire/Binche - Grendel
31.08 - Het Ultimatum/Diepenbeek - Propulsion & Feature
05.09 - MS Stubnitz/Brugge - Spectre Does Stubnitz "A Night In Turmoil": Ah Cama-Sotz, Hypnoskull, This Morn' Omina & Frames A Second
13.09 - Cabaret Voltaire/Binche - Cyanhide & Oscana Prism
14.09 - CC Luchtbal/Antwerpen - Kirlian Camera & Support
23.09 - Vooruit/Gent - Kraftwerk
03.10 - CC Luchtbal/Antwerpen - Crüxshadows
04.10 - Arena Van Vlissingen/Gent - Artwork & Erblast (feat. Oswald Henke)
12.10 - The Noodle/Beernem - Zwart Werk 2002: Po Nasemu, Massaker Staccato, Heyaeb, Star Industry & A Split Second
12.10 - Steeple/Waregem - Sona
18.10 - Steeple/Waregem - "Oorworm": Venetian Snares vs Fanny, Axiome, Sedarka, Worvon Investigation, Quintrix, Occult Whining Sluts, Farkan, S.A.T.K.A. (tbc), O.M.S.-N.M.A. & Installation Sous Tension!
19.10 - Magasin4/Brussels - LeFantastique.Night II: Implant, H.I.V+, Empusae & Fetish Performance door Lady Walkiria
19.10 - Cabaret Voltaire/Binche - Sieben
26.10 - M.O.D./Hasselt - Noise Terror III: Aslan Faction, Mono No Aware, Plastic Noise Experience & Feindflug
26.10 - Steeple/Waregem - Das Ich, Access Denied & Buropolitik
31.10 - Waaiberg/Leuven - Bunkerleute present: Ataraxia, A Challenge Of Honour & Dead Man's Hill
09.11 - Hof ter Loo/Antwerpen - Covenant & Support
16.11 - De Bogaard/Geel - Caer Gwydyon "Cultural Darkness": Pulcher Femina, Elusive, Stin Scatzor & The Wounded
16.11 - Cabaret Voltaire/Binche - Dust of Basement
22.11 - Cabaret Voltaire/Binche - Mlada Fronta, Mimetic& Wired Brain
30.11 - Magasin4/Brussels - LeFantastique.Night III: In My Rosary, One for Jude & Dead Man's Hill
21.12 - Cabaret Voltaire/Binche - Ionic Vision & Void Kampf
28.12 - Hof ter Loo/Antwerpen - Belgian Independent Music: Suicide Commando, The Neon Judgement, Dive, A Split Second, …
Warning: this list was put together on 18.08.2002. Be aware for changes in the announced schedules, please consult party and concert agenda (compiled by Kagan) as this message will not be updated.
12.08.02 Front 242 side project MorF labeled
Male or Female Fresh Belgian label Alfa-Matrix announced a new signing: Male or Female, a project by Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys (Front 242) will release their first album '...recalled moments' and ep 'and failed destruction' around September / October 2002. They will both be available in a digipack format.
Alfa-Matrix is also preparing its second edition of Square Matrix featuring a.o. Nebula-H and Implant. The latter are currently working on their new album Planet Euphoria, while Nebula-H will release their debut 'H' this autumn featuring several guests such as Dirk Ivens on vocals.
12.08.02 Spectre goes Brugge 2002
Stubnitz Brugge 2002 Belgian industrial noise label Spectre announces a special evening for Brugge 2002 Cultural Capital of Europe. 'A night in turmoil' will be held on the MS Stubnitz on 05.09.2002 with performances by Hypnoskull, Ah Cama-Sotz, This Morn' Omina and Frames a Second. In further label news Spectre is preparing upcoming releases by a.o. Hybryds, Hypnoskull and Okk-Ulth.
12.08.02 Promotion collective Fear the Light keeps on growing
Fear the Light 2 The Antwerp promotion collective Fear the Light - run by Koen Vanderstappen alias Euforic Existence - announces a some new bands being added to its list: Snagah, Ztran, Feature, Misery and Slo-t. For now, the promotion activities are limited to a website with links to band sites, but FTL is already working on its third low budget sampler presenting Dead Man's Hill, Euforic Existence, Kenaz (GER), Harmony & the Wizard, Slave Seperation, Tragisch Optimisme, Virtual Ice, Lilac Ambush (USA), Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe (NL), Batallion, Hermaxiss, Dage-gen (GER), Mantis, Requiem 537, Embers Fall and Snagah.
Koen also announced two new releases: Slave Seperation with 'Lubricum II' and Euforic Existence bringing 'Doloribus Mundi'.
12.08.02 First exhibition for Harry Fayt (Datapix)
Datapix 'Alternative Nation' From the 19th until the 29th of September 2002, Harry Fayt alias DaTaPiX will hold the first exhibition of his work in the Cabaret Voltaire in Binche (B). Besides being the webmaster for The Last Fall and the driving force behind the e-zine Beyond the Darkness, Fayt is well known for his live photography work of numerous Belgian and international bands.
Hopefully this presentation - tentatively called 'Alternative Nation' - can be a first step to realize his big dream, to have an exposition in Paris, France.
21.07.02 New Spiral of Silence album to be released in september
Decadent Spiral of Silence just confirmed that Purple Moon Records will release their long awaited album 'Decadent'. This cd, produced by Kloot Per W, Antonio Palermo (Siglo XX) and Spiral of Silence, will be released in September. More details will follow soon.
21.07.02 Front 242 plays Eurorock
Speed Tribe A last moment line-up change for Eurorock sees Belgian EBM gothfathers Front 242 replacing Soft Cell on the mainstage Sunday night. This gig is quite exclusive as they've announced only one other show (in Sweden). According to the Eurorock press statement, the show will include brand new "audio-visual material".
In further Front 242 news, they recently released the CD/DVD "The 24 hours of Le Mans" using the project name Speed Tribe. The world famous car race in Le Mans/France encharged F242 to compose a special soundtrack and record a special video dedicated to this legendary car race. Daniel Bressanuti and Patrick Codenys, the two composers in Front 242, have written new exclusive and entirely electronic music of almost 2 hours total length. The DVD, contains two extra-long psychedelic, speed-driven clips of around 25 minutes each, based on images from the car race and accompanied with the music especially composed for this documentary project. The CD contains 24 tracks, very different remixes of the sound-material on the DVD for a total length of 60 minutes. All sound material on this DVD and CD are exclusive and not available anywhere else.
21.07.02 Dark Entries report
Dark Demons 3 As mentioned earlier , the Dutch written goth mag Dark Entries recently released their revamped site at
Secondly their 39th issue just saw the light of day, 56 printed A4 pages. The summer issue deals with all you have to know about the bands preforming on the Belgian Eurorock festival from 1-4 august in Lommel. Containig articles and interviews with performing bands suchs as Der Prager Handgriff, Suicide Commando, Hybryds, Soft Cell, The Gathering, Dawn Visitors, Anne Clark, Covenant,...
This issue also contains the third of the "Dark Demons" cd compilations, containg 15 tracks of mainly Belgian independent music; participating bands are Reel (NL), D-Sect (B), The Dawn Visitors (B), IC 434 (B, live track!), Propulsion (B), Synthetic Dream (B), Pro-Genic (B) , Hedera Helix (B), This Nation (B), Diagnostic Error (B), Stin Scatzor (B), Mecahnism (NL), Feature (B), Pia Fraus (B), Heyaeb (B, live track!). Notice, this great compilations is available for free only with Dark Entries 39! Check out their website for more information and be surprised by the new talents of the Belgian scene.
Dark Entries further announces with pride the start of their very own radio show. Listen to Radio Progress (Sint-Niklaas, 106.3 FM) every Sunday night from 21h till 22h30 and enjoy the selection made by DJs Dave, Jan and Wattie.
21.07.02 Update on This Morn' Omina
This Morn' Omina Contrary to what has been circulating the web, the cd 'The future has taken root in the present' has not been released yet or approved graphically by TMO. They are still waiting for the final drafts but as all communication with the label Tantric Harmonies has been sold short so this might take some time. TMO warns you to do not send your money yet as there is no official approvement of this release.
Another rumor however is true. The next TMO-trilogy entitled The Nyan Trilogy will be released on Ant-Zen, starting with the first chapter Nyan I. There is no release date yet, but needless to say that TMO is very enthousiatic about this new affiliation.
In addition to the news about TMO-releases, we want to remind you that they'll be live on stage at the Psychedelic Trance Festival (Tielt, Belgium, 03.08.2002) and Eurorock (Lommel, Belgium, 04.08.2002).
21.07.02 New Suicide Commando website in preparation
Suicide Commando

August will see the launch of the new Suicide Commando web presence at the url The new site, no longer located at Geocities, will include a news section keeping you up to date on all activities by Suicide Commando and its side projects. Johan Van Roy promises a new design with a changed lay-out.
See Suicide Commando live this year at Eurock (Lommel, Belgium, 04.08.2002) and M'era Luna (Hildesheim, Germany, 10.08.2002) or watch him spinning his favorite tracks at the Zillo party (Dortmund, Germany, 31.08.2002), KuFa (Krefeld, Germany, 18.10.2002) or at Maschinensturm (Hanau, Germany, 25.10.2002).
And the line-up for Noise Terror III is confirmed: Aslan faction, Mono No Aware, Plastic Noise Experience and Feindflug. This event will take place in the MOD in Hasselt (B) on 26.10.2002 and will include an after party with special guest DJs. Order your tickets at Johan Van Roy.

21.07.02 See Dirk Ivens on stage this year

Dirk Ivens reports a list of concerts which are already confirmed for this year:
- Sonar: M'era Luna Festival (Hildesheim, Germany, 10.08.2002), Infest Festival (Bradford, United Kingdom, 24.08.2002), Steeple (Waregem, Belgium, 12.10.2002)
- Dive: Tanzpalast (Hildesheim, Germany, 19.10.2002), Tinitus Festival (Stockholm, Sweden, 02.11.2002), Dark Entries Festival (Antwerp, Belgium, 28.12.2002). The Dark Entries Festival will be featuring several other interesting acts such as A Split Second, so keep an eye on this event.
Dive furthermore reports its upcoming release 'Lies in your eyes' (mcd) on Daft Records, scheduled for 20.09.2002, containing five brand new tracks in collaboration with Eric Van Wonterghem. You can download soundbits of all tracks at their site. And Dirk Ivens also appears as guestsinger on the upcoming mini CD from Belgians Nebula-H. More info and updates can be found on the official Dirk Ivens website.

11.07.02 Musicians wanted
Spiral of Silence In an ever so busy scene like the Belgian one, it is no surprise bands are looking for new members, as is the case with Erato and Spiral of Silence.
Erato is a gothic band with electronic influences, originally coming from the west of Brussels. And they're eager to find a (rhythm) guitarist, male or female, to fill the gap on stage. They're operating on a lower profile these days because a new release is in the making. So if you're an inspired guitar player with a hung for wave-gothic and are willing to rehearse in Schepdaal every two weeks, you might be the one Erato is looking for.
If you're more into keyboards then into guitars, but you still like to play in a wave-gothic band, maybe you should send your resume to Spiral of Silence. Hailing from Willebroek, this bunch of friends recently released their new single 'Seed dump' produced by Kloot Per W. And with a new album coming out soon, they might be looking at some busy times on stage.

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