News archive: 2003

This section archives the news of 2003, as it has appeared on BDAMD.

07.01.04 Ex-Vomito Negro member starts own band

Gin Devo, ex-Vomito Negro member, has started an own band together with Manie Gance ( ex Mc Zane) and Jericho. The new band, called Pressure Control, are at the moment working on a first album and dvd. Gin: "The limited edition dvd will have expiremental music and images and will be completed by spring 2004." The material is described as "a mix of the old school EBM, trance, industrial, dance and experimental".

07.01.04 Snowy Red smiles again

The legendary Snowy Red, who was present at the Belgian Independent Music Festival, recently signed a contract at Cabinett Records. They will release their full back catalogue on cd, and 2004 will see the release of the first Snowy Red works in decades. They already showcased several new tracks at hte festival end of December.

20.12.03 Spiral conquers Rome

On 26 October, SPOS did a show in Rome, at the INIT Club. It was a great experience, SPOS would like to thank the organisation "In The Night Time" for their excellent work. The Italian fans were very glad to see SPOS for the first time live in Italy. Moreover, they were excited to see Antonio Palermo (Siglo XX) as special guest. Of course, SPOS played some old Siglo songs like Dreams of Pleasure and Art of War... And the crowd went mad.

20.12.03 Full throttle at Spectre records
  It's about time to bring you some news about the new releases at Spectre. It includes some Belgian releases: Okk-Ulth 'Elisabeth Bathory', Ah Cama-Sotz & Iszoloscope Camanecroszcope 'Echoes ov who lieth dead but ever dreameth', Empusae 'Geesten', This Morn' Omina 'Cyclops II', Kraken 'Förlisa'. New Spectre website online soon - with more info, pictures and audio-snacks about new and old releases. Aggression is good for you.
20.12.03 Ah Cama-Sotz celebrates first decade

With this 5th release - - on Hands Productions, Ah Cama-Sotz celebrates his 10th anniversary. The 2cd - '10 years bat vibez' (cat.BO24) in handspack with nice booklet - includes two different aspects of this Ah Cama-Sotz release:
CD 1 is a conceptual work titled 'Diary of the infernal gods'. The second disc 'Re.worx' contains 11 earlier & actual tracks of Ah Cama-Sotz have been re-worked and/or remixed by some of the finest ambient/industrial acts/bands. Full story & pix on

20.12.03 Implant returns with 5th album

Belgium's Implant raise the signs with their 5th album 'Horseback Riding Through Bassfields'. It's as if they have rediscovered the dark-side of Implant, while still being faithful to their dance vision on electro. Back on vocals is Len Lemeire, with surprisingly aggressive vocals that create some extremely chilling moments. But deep emotions rise up from the deep sea via the vocal talents of the classically trained jazz singer, Myriam Kuliasko. A landscape of complex and ethnic drums, catchy baselines, icy synth-lines, freaky rhythms and an endless stream of weird samples.

20.12.03 Front 242 catalogue available again

Formed as a duo in October 1981 in Aarschot, Front 242 took the whole electronic scene by storm with their debut single 'U-Men' and the album 'Geography'. In collaboration with Alfa Matrix, Art & Strategy will now re-release 'Geography' before the end of the year. To accentuate this event, the stunning debut will be packaged in the form of a spectacular 2CD edition digipak set. Disc one holds a completely remastered version (by Daniel B. himself) of the original album. Disc two is full of special extra's and previously unreleased material taken from the original multi-track recordings for Endless Riddance, the band's first singles and some very early recordings. And the vintage re-release efforts have only just begun.

20.12.03 Stin Scatzor back on track

Belgian electro terror act Stin Scatzor recently released his long awaited album 'Industrogression' on Black Flames Records (10.11.2003). This new release throws Stin Scatzor back in the spotlight, resulting in a series of performances and other news. In the Orkus-issue - out : 27 november 2003 - you can find the interview with Stin Scatzor. The Italian magazine Ascension also did an interview, and will contain a cd-compilation with one Stin Scatzor-track. We give you some headlines:
The tape "Modern depression" (split-tape with Liquid G.) is available again. All tracks are remastered by Peter Van Bogaert (Liquid G. himself) and copied on cd-r. It features the Stin Scatzor-sound from the pre-industro-period.
Stin Scatzor will play at the Belgian Independent Music-festival at Hof ter Lo (Antwerpen - B) on 27.12.2003. At this festival there will also play some Belgian legends like Insekt, Snowy Red and... the Klinik (back with Dirk Ivens) Stin Scatzor will play at 18.00 p.m.
In the mean time, Stin Scatzor has started with the demo-versions for the next cd, to be released somewhere next year. For this cd, different groups are invited to do their own remake. You and your group want to be on this cd ? Just check for more info.

20.12.03 The Fear the Light explosition

Some new bands joined their collective: Grandchaos (electro-ebm-industrial), Elrazor (raw electronic industrial sounds), Poenari (mix between gothic, electro and metal, but very dark and cold), Tapetum Lucidum (metal) and Wanhoop (black metal). Tracks are downloadable on the music page at, which has been renewed completely. One of its bands has finished it's own existence. Sfagnum won't play anymore. Have left the building: Diagnostic Error.
Koen aka Euforic Existence released the new album 'Design of torture: death by completion'. Check his site to download two songs for free. And Requiem 537 has got a new mini-cd, it's downloadable for free.

20.12.03 Devoted Symbols making their way

Devoted Symbols is a young belgian electro-techno band. Most of the songs have no meaning in the political sence; some do... Some are about hate, love and sex; some against the media-overkill and sell-out of all these emotions that make us a living breathing (human) being... The name of the band comes from the common fact that symbols have always played a big role in the existence of mankind. They compose their music mostly with electronic instruments without a cold technological approach. There always has to be some "dirt in the speakers".
They were recently on stage on the 6th of december 2003 at the Prins Kardinaal (Lier) Pics and more information on

16.08.03 Second BIM Festival surprises again

14 years after their last performance, Dirk Ivens and Marc Verhaeghen will do an exclusive concert in Belgium as they will headline the 2nd Belgian Independent Music Festival and perform their well known songs in original versions. The festival also features some other big surprises. The complete line-up includes Hedera Helix, Foochow, Buropolitik, Feature, Stin Scatzor, This Morn' Omina, Snowy Red, Insekt (original line-up), Male Or Female nad of course The Klinik. This 2nd BIM Fesitval at Hof Ter Lo (Antwerp - Belgium) on 27.12.2003. Tickets presale starts on 1 september at

16.08.03 Siglo XX take their time to return from the dead

As BDAMD posted in February 2002, Side°line now reports the follow-up on this message. In a posting on the Pias-Antler yahoogroups, Siglo XX guitarist Antonio Palermo announces a comeback. They'll enter the studios in September to start mixing some new tracks. The actual CD should be ready by November but will only be available through the net and the band's website. This also means that the band will not sign to any label. Contentwise the cd will be a mixture of new material and live tracks (from the tours between 1980 and 1985). A website is also planned but will only be online by October.

28.07.03 Horsehead nebula fades out
IC 434 - live at Dour festival 2003

To stay true to his principles, Geert de Wilde will change the name of IC 434 into Obedience this summer. This for the simple reason that the good/bad old Korg M1 doesn't allow to satisfy his creative thoughts anymore. And this 1987 synth always formed the essence of the IC 434 sound. But don't expect a complete new style. The link with IC 434 will stay clear, as the new name Obedience already predicts. For example, some remixes from older songs as Horsehead and Drowning By Darkness are made at this moment.
In the meantime, Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe, front man of Empusae has joined Geert de Wilde, and together they will work out the new Obedience songs. While Nicolas will take care of slower and more atmospheric songs, Geert will mainly concentrate on up tempo compositions.

21.07.03 Suicide Commando did it again
Suicide Commando - Face of death

Seems like Suicide Commando did it again. After three consecutive number 1 positions (“Comatose delusion”, “Hellraiser” and “Love breeds suicide”), the new Suicide Commando single "Face of death" now also made it to the top of the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and this way once again is beating big names like Placebo, Dave Gahan, Marilyn Manson, …
You can also check the first unofficial dates for his tour planned for the end of this year. More dates are in planning. Support bands on the Axis of Evil tour will be Tactical sekt (UK) and Interlace (Sweden), to be confirmed.

21.07.03 Star Industry working on new album

Suikerrock (26.07.2003, Tienen) will be the only and exclusive Star Industry-gig this summer, because the band is writing material for a new CD.
So, a good opportunity to see the guys again in action, there where they are the best, on stage. The setlist will contain a few new songs, a nice extra, because this will be the first time these songs will see the light of day.

21.07.03 Pow[d]er Pussy release
Pow[d]er Pussy - One day

A joint project between Ah Cama-Sotz and This Morn' Omina hung in the air for some time but somehow they never got round to it - until now. They challenged both their main projects by creating something as deviant as possible but at the same time recognizable for the listener. Basic idea was to create highly danceable music with a cutting edge but without treading on the obvious paths people would think of when the acs-style meets the tmo-style and vice versa. This because it seems that acs and tmo are easily used in one breath by reviewers and critics - now they have both projects into a new one - and guess what - it is not what you would except.
The powerful eclectic mix of explosive porno-harsh driven beats and atomic energetic sensual sexy melodies will catapult this dynamic team towards a breakthrough in the underground dance scenes and mainstream related charts. Pow[d]er to the pussies; meow!

21.07.03 Empusae inspired by comics
Empusae - Extra muros

It's no secret that Empusae has a special interest in comic books. Following the Zombie compilation a few months back, Empusae again features on a cd inspired by a comic: "Extra-muros" by Daniel Hulet. The MCD contains a 17-minutes soundtrack inspired by the wonderful concept from Hulet. It's a dark, atmosferic, melodic soundtrack with industrial drums.
Meanwhile, Empusae is continuously releasing new stuff: The tracks for the 7" "Geesten" on Spectre are ready. The first 2 spectres (Ankou and Lemures) are coming. And a collaboration between Empusae and This Morn' Omina has been released. Furthermore, anew release is coming later this year on the Canadian label Sub-Session Records. It will be an e.p. containing 5 tracks from the early Empusae-period, reworked with a newer sound. It will also contain 8 remixes by the following bands : Ah Cama-Sotz, Displacer, Flint Glass, Prospero, S:Cage, Sonar, Synapscape and This Morn' Omina.

21.07.03 Spiral of Silence conquers your TV screen
Spiral Of Silence - Echo video clip

Spiral of Silence has been picked up by JIMtv with the their latest single "Echo" of the Decadent album. The track was produced by Antonio Palermo of the legendary band Siglo XX.
The video was shot on december 4, 2002 and after a long post production process finaly released on May 2003. It was immediatly picked up by VPRO (NL) and JIMtv (B), other television channels will follow soon. The track can be downloaded for free on the bands website.
Spiral of Silence is currently working on new material that will be released on September 2003. The single "SYN" (more info on the title soon) will be the opening track of the bands new album. Pre-listen to some new work on their site.
Spiral of Silence will perform at the Bud Rock festival (09.08.2003, Beernem) and at the Classico Village in Rome (October/November 2003). Bohémien (IT) will open for them.

14.05.03 Internal album available again
Internal - Dysfunctional subconscious

Internal was a cooperation between sound guru John N. Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Ammo, ...) and Seba Dolimont (Aïboforcen) with special guest vocals by Len Lemeire (Implant) and Australian female singer Cara Lithgo. Their only album 'Dysfunctional subconscious' was released on Zoth Ommog in 1998 and hard to find for several years. Now, the belgian label Alfa-Matrix managed to lay hand on the remaining copies that will now be exclusively sold through their website.
In related news, A¨boforcen confirms that most of the songs for their 4th record entitled 'Kafarnaüm' are written. They are now entering the final recording and production phase for the album they hope to release after summer this year. Cara Lithgo, voice of Internal also contributed to this new album.

14.05.03 IC 434 frontman joins Vomito Negro
IC 434 - Drowning beyond

Exactly one year after the departure of Gino De Vos, Vomito Negro is back as a duo. Geert de Wilde - mastermind of IC 434 - is the official new Vomito Negro member. You'll be able to see VN play live as headliner on Saturday on the Wave Gotik Treffen at Leipzig. Other Belgian bands on this year's edition are a.o. Ah Cama-Sotz, Dive, Implant, Klinik, Nebula-H and This Morn'Omina.
IC 434 also reports that the first demo-tapes (1994 and 1995) are available again through the official website, but now on CDr-format and entitled 'Drowning beyond'. This release holds earlier versions of several IC 434 hits. And because playing in just two bands isn't enough for Geert de Wilde, he also announced the first release of his side-project Pangea (previously known as Temesta), an mcd called 'Permafrost', containing five tracks: the song 'Permafrost' in three versions, 'High energy frequencies' and as bonus track an other version of the Temesta song 'Hypnotise'.

12.05.03 Dead Man's Hill leaves Fear the Light

Dead Man's Hill has left FTL because he found a label. However, FTL will keep on working with DMH-frontman Bart Piette, because 2 brand new projects on his name just joined FTL: 'Dreams and Scars' and 'Alle Sagen Ja'. You can download some free mp3's at the FTL site.
The Black Metal Band 'Silent Secrets' hasn't joined the collective yet, but is willing to. The only problem is the making of the recordings... they don't have a drummer. If you think you're good enough to join this band, you can contact them through e-mail.

12.05.03 Pow[d]er Pussy

Mika of This Morn'Omina informed BDAMD on a new act with the uplifting name Pow[d]er Pussy. It's a joined project where This Morn'Omina teams up with Ah Cama-Sotz. Expect the first 3inch mcd entitled 'One day' soon. More details will follow later.
In further TMO news, we can announce the new release entitled 'Le serpent blanc ~ le serpent rouge' is bound to be released through Ant-Zen any day now. It's a double cd coming as a limited version with an extra 3inch entitled 'Nagash' which features a livevideoclip from the song 'Shiftwind' and has appearances by Ms Poly Esther, Dr. Blood, Empusae, gfn...

12.05.03 In between Ionic Vision

Ionic Vision is very proud to announce their next release is on its way to the pressing company. The forthcoming EPCD called 'In Between' and tagged as ION007 will be a fact very soon and shortly made available.
This release includes besides exclusive material a set of remixes by a.o. Pouppee Fabrikk, Thomas P Heckmann and Terence Fixmer (remixes for Nitzer Ebb, Covenant, VNV Nation). Not only are all these beauties available on the regular EPCD released on Machineries Of Joy, the last 2 DJ remixes (and even a third exclusive mix) will also be made available on 12" vinyl on the label of Terence Fixmer, Planète Rouge.

11.05.03 15th Independent Festival for Music & Arts
Independent Festival for Music & Arts

EE Tapes organises already the 15th edition of the Independent Festival for Music & Arts. On Saturday 17.05.2003, JOC 't Kompas will host Edward Ka-Spel (UK), Hypnoskull vs Mike Van Raspaarden Quartet (B), Einleitungszeit with Sangredans (CZ), This Morn' Omina (B) and Feature (B). This highlight of ritual, industrial, dark ambient, electro and experimental music performances from the international independent network & home-tape scene also offers stands of international independent music-labels and small-press. More information on the new EE Tapes website.

11.05.03 Caer Gwydyon give away free tickets

On Saturday 31.05.2003, Brussels will go cyberpunk with live performances from Passage, Pneumatic Head Compressor, Pro Jekt and Punish Yourself at Magasin 4. Caer Gwydyon has 2 free entrance passes to give away for this LeFantastique.Night V. How to claim one of these? Surf to and enter the contest. Good luck!

11.05.03 New Dark Entries out now
Dark Entries 43

Out now: Dark Entries magazine nr. 43. 56 A4 pages in Dutch featuring interviews with Sopor Aeternus, :[SITD]:, Rosa Crux, Tragic Black, PNE, Venus Flytrap, Vidna Obmana, Skeletal Family, Requiem 537 and a Fear The Light special, including the third "Fear The Light" compilation. Furthermore of course lots of news and cd reviews. For the Dark Entries website for more info.

17.04.03 Harry Fayt launches his Datapix Agency

Belgian artist photographer Harry Fayt informs of the birth of the Datapix-Agency. Formerly called DaTaPiX, the site has grew and is now a music pictures stock (photos agency). All the images are for sale, both for press and bands as for fans.
The Datapix-Agency is also much eclectical than before. You can still find gothic an metal acts but also a growing database of mainstream music. Datapix promises to keep low prices of pictures for private use. Soon, it will be possible to pay online. Confirmed forthcoming update are Cradle of Filth, Marilyn Manson and Iron Maiden.

17.04.03 Exclusive Empusae material online
Empusae - Funestus

The one-man industrial project Empusae has put an exclusive track online, called Oblivion, which is free for download. Empusae released his highly acclaimed debut album Funestus in November of last year. Next to his solo work, Nicolas VM also features live on stage with Ah Cama-Sotz, Implant and This Morn'Omina.

17.04.03 No worries about Geluidsoverlast

BDAMD offers you news from the entire wave-gothic-electro-industrial scene in Belgium. But if you're really into industrial, then maybe Geluidsoverlast is worth checking out. Not only does it offer news and gossip, it also provides a mailorder service next to the usual reviews and interviews.

17.04.03 Caer Gwydyon officially online

Caer Gwydyon announces the birth of its brand new website. It is completely genetically remanipulated and reveals its true face by clicking here. Caer Gwydyon vzw organises activities concerning the Gothic culture such as parties, poetry and film evenings, expositions, live-performances,... at De Bogaard in Geel.
The upcoming event Silent Saturday (19.04.2003) won't be that silent thanks to the EBM, dark techno and industrial smashers thrown to you by DJ's Bampie, Astnogloricus, The Watchman and JoHaN. The latter will present his own project - off - for the first time live.

15.04.03 EE Tapes pops up from the active underground
EE Tapes - Ambient lntimacy 5

Finally after 15 years of independent activity, the Belgian industrial non-profit "tape label" EE Tapes is proud to announce their official website. It'll be filled with plenty of info, news, catalogue, links, festivals. By the way, this year's edition of the Independent Festival for Music & Arts will be on Saturday 17 May 2003. If you're interested and you want to receive their newsletter, you can subscribe at their website.

15.04.03 Magasin 4 painted darker than dark

On 30.04.2003, Magasin 4 will host a unique combination of industrial acts. Season of Sacrifice presents Deutsch Nepal (S), Hybryds (B) and Passage (B). This 3 concerts will be atomized by a Noise Battle right after (a bluesy jam session regrouping the 3 individuals performing right before) and a Technoïse + Groovindus mix with DJ Gore & Candidempire (more tbc). Place to be is Magasin 4 - Pakhuisstraat, 4, Rue du Magasin - Brussels, starting at 20:00 (doors in the bar bellow) - 21:00 (concerts at the first floor).

22.03.03 Diskonnekted signs to Dying Culture

The new belgian project Diskonnekted has recently signed at Dying Culture. Diskonnekted is the new project of Jan Dewulf, formerly keyboard player with Heyaeb. It combines electro-influences with a broad spectrum of progressive dance styles. The combination sounds fresh and innovative. More information about the forthcoming release of the first album 'Jesus raves' will follow shortly.

18.03.03 Werquin's database finally mature

Stephane Werquin reports that his site finally reached the desired maturity stage. Well, at least, considering the hosting of it. After starting with free pages on Multimedia, he skipped to his Chello pages with using a forward url. And now, he's put his entire page on Go visit this site, I think some 1/3 of the original content of BDAMd must have been 'ripped' from there. Thanks for all your support up until now, Stephane, and good luck with your mission!

18.03.03 Mürnau interview on ChainDLK
Mürnau - Recoil

Read about this rhythm 'n' noise power electronics unit at ChainDLK: "As I wrote in my last Mürnau review I wanted to interview Koen (the only guy behind the project) to find out what's behind one of the most interesting industrial acts of these days. Mürnau's sound is grinding, tense and offers the listener a sense of uncertainty. Enjoy his very first interview and let's discover his world."

18.03.03 Lommel SK scores with Eurorock
Eurorock 2002

Football, a party ... or shall we say: a festival ? Eurorock hands out a truckload of cards to Lommel's premier leaguer, but this time the players don't have to fear the man in black: the club with license number 1986 has scored 5000 tickets for the TMF 80's Hits Party on April 4th, and is allowed to sell them to their loyal green-white supporter base. The revenue collected from this unique sales action goes one hundred percent to the endangered club. Now that's what we call being a sport.

18.03.03 Caer Gwydyon special party with Off

Caer Gwydyon presents you the 4th edition of Dark Dance. This event will take place on 19.04.2003 at JH De Bogaard. And to strengthen the concept of all night EBM/electro, dark electro and industrial, the brand new Belgian industrial project 'Off' will hit the stage to bring you dancefloor oriented power electronics. Check our database for more details on Off.

01.03.03 First new tracks from Front 242 in more than 6 years
Front 242 - Still & raw

Patrick Codenys, Jean-Luc De Meyer, Daniel Bressanutti, Richard 23 and A. Chandler raise the curtain on their soon to be released, first full length album in 10 years with this 6 track limited and numbered European only EP. In 242's own words: "This EP maxi repositions the group in accordance to their first / original music: a type of pure and raw music. The compositons are simple and certainly a lot calmer, which doesn't necesarily mean that the music represents an album of the future, but in this case I believe that we wanted to re-find certain of our own characteristics / the identity of our initial style, a sound that is linked to the purity of our synthesis like our first album "Geography".

01.03.03 Members of Bernthøler and Digital Dance release new work
INK - Ever now

INK is a duo consisting of Drita Kotaji (ex-Bernthøler) on vocals and Stéphan Barbery (ex-Digital Dance) on guitars. Their first release 'Ever now' features amongst others Digital Dance-colleague Jerry WX. It's released on 'I never know', a truely independent Belgian label and contains 11 brand new tracks.
For those who aren't familiar with these names, a short leap into history. Bernthøler had a big underground hit with 'My suitor' in the early eighties. And Digital Dance started already in the late seventies and featured Marc Lederman (The Weathermen). More info on these bands in our database.

22.02.03 Buropolitik update

DSBP has chosen the track 'life@war' to appear on their ongoing, successful elektro-industrial compilation series 'Futronik structures' vol.4. This cd is set to be released in April/May 2003. Keep checking the DSBP website for more information. Furthermore, DSBP's radio show Cyberage, has made a special feature on the new album "Tension" in January. Keep your eyes open on and access the show. In an extra note, Buropolitik says the site-only release 'Ex-Tension' has been very popular amongst the site visitors. But unfortunately, it's been removed in the mean time.

22.02.03 Electrinity design new online presence

The new site of Electrinity has moved and reached its final status. It is accessible through this link. Contact Stephanie to give all your cd covers, party posters and others, that irresistible touch of Electrinity.
Electrinty is known for supplying artwork for Buropolitik, Ionic Vision, Kagan Kalender party posters and many more.

22.02.03 New Sonar album scheduled for April
Sonar - Volt control

Dirk and Eric have finished the recordings of a brand new Sonar album 'Volt control'. It will be released on 07.04.2003. More info (sleeve, tracklist, MP3 extracts) can be found on the Dirk Ivens site. In further news, Dive will play at the Metamatik Festival on 28.06.2003 in Vicenza, Italy. Sadly, the Dive concert in Dessau (19.04.2003) is cancelled. However, it's replaced by a live date at the BPM Club, Zwickau, Germany. Dive and Sonar will play at the Rivoli Club, Toronto, Canada.

22.02.03 Ex-member Vomito Negro announces yet another project

Gin Devo (ex Vomito Negro), together with Mczane and Jericho, formed a new band called Pressure-Control. At the moment, they're working on a new album and dvd, to be released this spring. They will kick some ass on festivals this summer.

22.02.03 Stin Scatzor opens Eurorock
Stin Scatzor

Stin Scatzor opens this year's edition of Eurorock on Saturday 05.04.2003 at "De Soeverein" (Lommel - Belgium). For more information, check out his recently released website. Other bands who you'll be able to see live are Pragha Khan (B), Alphaville (UK), Male Or Female (B), Funker Vogt (D), Suicide Commando (B), XPQ-21 (D), Nebula-H (B), Neurotic Fish (D), Neon Electronics (B), Plastic Noise Experience (D), V2A (UK), Implant (B), Project-X (S), Glis (USA), Absurd Minds (D) and Frogpad (F).

22.02.03 The usual Fear the Light update

It's a mistery to us where all these bands keep coming from, but the FTL posse has expanded again. The following acts have enrolled: A Lesser God (B), Nimmerland (B), Gorath (black metal / B), Lemuria (black metal / B) and Jack Slater (death metal / D). And (Et) Mantis released a new album, downloads are available. Check our database or scene page for the correct links.

22.02.03 Zombie Commandos soundtrack
ZCFH! Sonic assault

The cartoon Zombie Commandos From Hell released their soundtrack 'Sonic assault' through Geska Records. Amongst many others, this compilation features Implant ('Zombie') and Empusae ('Last breath'). This disc is included with the 3rd issue of the ZCFH! series from Boneyard Press. Compiled by ZCFH! creator, Steph Dumais, this release is all about dark ambient atmospherics that evoke the menacing advance of the undead troops and epic trance compositions who reveal the scale of the menace while cyberpunk anthems, crunchy noise mantras and quirky videogame themes bring the action down to the street-level hack and slash. Fast, furious and pounding beats combined with slow, creeping and disturbing terror illustrates in sound what the comics depict in uncompromising detail.

22.02.03 Empusae officially online

A few weeks ago, Belgian electronic/experimental/industrial project put his official site online at Check it out to hear and learn more about this intriguing act and you'll see that Empusae is not only about music.

07.01.03 Eurorock offers festival pass

In order to let the audience expand their musical horizon in an inexpensive way, Eurorock has made a limited number of passe-partouts available. For a mere 55 Euro, Eurorock fans can buy a festival pass providing access to the Winter Fest, 30+ party, Electro-Gold Fest and the Spring Fest.
This limited offer is available here.
The Winter Fest takes place on January 25th in Hof ter Lo, Antwerp. Bands include Clan of Xymox (NL), Corvus Corax (D), Psyche (D), E-Craft (D), The Crest (N), Erben der Schöpfung/Elis (A), Killing Miranda (UK), God's Bow (PL) and Gardens of Gehenna (D).

06.01.03 Dark Entries BIM Festival edition

Out now, Dark Entries issue 41 - The special Belgian Independent Music Festival Issue - 52 pages of reviews, news and interviews (Dive, The Neon Judgement, A Split Second, Suicide Commando,...) + the unique cd "Belgian Indenpendent Music Compilation" featuring the artists that performed on the Belgian Independent Music Festival the 28th of december in Hof Ter Lo Antwerp. Magazine and cd are only € 3,75.

06.01.03 Fear the Light expands further

A new band called Signs of Cain, making brutal old style death metal, joined the FTL-collective. You can download two of their songs at the FTL-site. And FTL announces three of our projects will be cooperating on a split-cd soon. CSIC, Euforic Existence and Slave Seperation will gather on "Experimental Blashpemies I, II and III". Probably, it will be downloadable for free. Check Fear the Light for more downloads.

06.01.03 Web goodies accompany new Buropolitik album
Buropolitik - Tension exTension, a 3-track exclusive web only EP ready to be downloaded from the Buro. It contains 3 instrumental tracks, not to be found anywhere else. Maybe you can still download it, maybe not 'cause it won't stay online forever. In the mean time, their new full Tension was released on the 18th of December. You can order this lovely piece of old school EBM at the Buropolitik website.
06.01.03 Fourth release from Tinnitus
  Belgian internet label Tinnitus presents a new EP that can be found on their site. no Xivic has produced the 2-track noise soundscapes EP Tehdas (#TNS04). And Tinnitus is an internet label in the true meaning of the word. That's why you can just download this release at their site.
06.01.03 Ionic Vision strikes back double as hard
Ionic Vision - NeuMachinen ltd ed Ionic Vision is proud to present their newcomer NeuMaschinen, described by themselves as the best ass-kicking, old-school Body, highly danceable, energetic, aggressive, pure synthetic CD ever…..made by Ionic Vision. For this reason, they launched their updated site on the 18th of November. They added some new nice features for you to enjoy. Don’t expect too much flash, high-tech stuff and slow visual things, their website is meant to be easy-to-use and inviting to abuse every visit.
And to celebrate their 10 years anniversary, they're proud to announce they'll release two cd's instead of just one. The XION006 (in which the X stands
for the Roman number 10) is a limited print, meaning, once all copies are gone, there will be no more extra printing. Besides that this release contains seven tracks that cannot be found on ION006, our regular release. XION006 has a completely stand alone design, closely related to the concept of ION006 (thanks to Electrinity and Andy). Last but not least, no mailorder or shop will have this CD available! The only two ways to get it is by buying it either on Ionic Vision gigs or straight from the Ionic Shop.
An IdentiFile on Ionic Vision will be online soon!

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