Identifile: Aïboforcen


Séba Dolimont or []
dark EBM - industrial pop - future pop
benoît blanchart (music & production) – 1992 > today
séba dolimont (texts, samples, vocals & co-production) – 1992 > today
anne-laure hubert (female vocals on songs on elixir lytique, face of death & sons palliatifs)
patrice synthea (female vocals on songs from face of death & sons palliatifs)
thomas desamoury (music on 2 songs from sons palliatifs)
laurence hennuy (female vocals on songs from sons palliatifs)
short bio
After the release of two CD albums ("Elixir lytique" & "Face (of) death"), Belgium's Aïboforcen disappeared from the scene to work on various projects. This break allowed them to strike back now with a partially new line-up and more especially, with a more mature and better mastered type of sound. With their third album, "Sons palliatifs", they do not only close their trilogy around the "near death experience" theme, but especially confirm their open-minded song-writing attitude as well as the complexity of their music arrangements.
Incorporating modern trip-hop beats, techno bleeps and heavily fused samplings, Aïboforcen inscribe themselves in the new-EBM generation who intelligently marry power and energy with catchiness and melody.
"Sons palliatifs" is a dark trip through synthetic industrial/techno pop realms haunted by male/female vocals. Hovering between dancefloor tunes and musics for tortured brains, the exploding diversity of this album makes its force and wealth…

Taken from the [official website]:
Benoît Blanchart (music, synths, sampling) and Séba Dolimont (lyrics, vocals, sampling) started their first sonic experimentations in 1993 in Charleroi, Belgium. After a first demo tape "Black slang" and various compilation appearances, the duo signed to Celtic Circle Productions who released their debut album "Elixir lytique" (lethal elixir). A rather dark electronic album revealing already a very diversified and open-minded approach of music and vocals. Lyrically, the album dealt with mostly negative aspects of life. It's a kind of approach towards a scary and exciting phenomenon: Death... They placed the lethal aspect in various contexts according to what they see, hear, read, feel and experience. And the famous French artist Françoise Duvivier gave a perfect visual interpretation of their world through her highly expressive collages that have been represented on the booklet of the album. The debut album was co-produced by Peter J. from Page 12 and aïboforcen also collaborated on that first album with Sabotage?, Pierrepoint and Ionic Vision for guest vocals, remixes and co-production.
Several months later, the band's sound and image had evolved so much that aïboforcen released several new tracks next to a bunch of remixes of their best tracks off the previous album by artists like Leaether Strip, Regenerator, Xingu Hill, VNV Nation, New Mind, Fiction 8 or yet Neuroactive, plus a guest vocal appearance of Psyche for the dance remix of the track "The dying rose" that was also shot on video. "Face (of) death" revealed a much more dancefloor oriented and synthetic music approach with a larger place given to the male & female vocal duality featuring Anne-Laure H. as 3rd member of the band. "Ghost of my life" and "The shepherd's deathline" became club hits in Europe and America and brought the band to perform here and there in Belgium, France and Germany.

Conceptually, "Face (of) death" was the second part of the band's trilogy around Death. It depicts a better dominated approach of the black queen in a face to face type of attitude. Opening the transition towards the third and last album around the them where nobody fears Death any more, and is simply prepared to land on the other side... After the mismanagement and eventual demise of their label Celtic Circle Prod., the band recovered all rights on their back catalogue and entered a phase of deconstruction: new line-up, release of a side-project called "[IN]TERNAL" on Zoth Ommog, etc. Meanwhile Benoît and Séba (both founders of the band) appeared on cover compilations (Kraftwerk and Sisters Of Mercy) and conducted a few remixes for other artists.

Having found in Thomas D. (keys & guitars) and Laurence H. (female vox) the right partners to bring a new breath of life to the project, the new line-up started working on the 3rd release and last chapter of aïboforcen's trilogy. Moving from a rather darkish type of sound, the new material is revealing another step towards new soundscapes and fresh rhythm structures mixing their typical dark pop melodic electronics with techno and trip hop elements. "Sons Palliatifs" (palliative sounds) is more than ever a very varied album featuring strong dance future pop songs, next to tortured instrumental electronics and smoother dark tracks, including a sarcastic reinterpretation of The Cure, plus a new millennium remix of their hit "Shepherd's Deathline" by Negative Format. The album will be released by Alfa Matrix in October 2001. The band worked in studio this time together with producer Jonah Hex (Internal), while all artwork and images were put into the hands of Belgium's famous photographer Jean-François Soyez. Other collaborations on this new release include artists like Icon Of Coil, Assemblage 23, Suicide Commando, Flesh Field, Yendri, etc. After over 4 years of silence, aïboforcen prepared the ultimate electronic industrial pop album of the year 2001... Get prepared for the world contamination! Power and melody guaranteed.


Aïboforcen is currently working on the new single entitled “Tasting new waters” before the 4th album “Kafarnaüm”, both due to be released on the Belgian label Alfa Matrix.

other projects
Internal (= séba dolimont + john n sellekaers)


Black slang
c60 tape
nov 1993
side-line records


Elixir lytique
dec 1995
khazad dûm/ celtic circle prod.
Elixir litique
1 Elixir lytique
2 Nekr-o-phelia
3 Fading (b)rainbow (AL mix)
4 Ghost of my life (casper mix)
5 Passage to death
6 A.I.D.S.
7 Passage to life
8 Feel the icy blast
9 Alice
10 Death-tiny
11 The dying rose
12 E.W.I.F.
13 Mezkal(t) (r.o. in mix)
14 Schmerzens tor
15 Fading (b)rainbow (saboteur mix)
16 A.I.D.S. (serovisionic mix)

Face (of) death
aug 1996
khazad dûm/ celtic circle prod.
Face (of) death
1 Face (of) death
2 The shepherd's deathline (7" mix by AiBoFoRcEn)
3 Ghost of my life (Nightlife mix by Regenerator)
4 The shepherd's deathline (Bastard club mix by New Mind)
5 The dying rose (Deranged Psyche mix by AiBoFoRcEn)
6 The shepherd's deathline (Nerotoxin remix by Neuroactive)
7 Key to eternity
8 E.W.I.F. (Fade to digital black mix by Regenerator)
9 Ghost of my life (Lullaby mix by Fiction 8)
10 1000 masks
11 The shepherd's deathline (Moon over red sky's mix by Leather Strip)
12 E.W.I.F. (Angelburn version by VNV Nation)
13 Feel the icy blast (Wind-walker mix by Xingu Hill)

Sons palliatifs
2cd (lim ed)
nov 2001
alfa matrix
Sons palliatifs

Sons palliatifs (lim ed)
1 peep show
2 twilight world (icon of coil rmx)
3 freezing dream
4 lobotomie matricielle
5 the shepherd's deathline (flesh field rmx)
6 le sablier
7 plastic sos
8 blind propaganda
9 a strange day
10 twilight world
11 in 2 minds
12 the shepherd's deathline (negative format rmx)
13 loosing the loop
14 sons palliatifs

limited bonus mini-cd featuring:
1 lobotomie matricielle (mnemonic rmx)
2 twilight world (assemblage 23 rmx)
3 blind propaganda (yendri rmx)
4 plastic sos (fiction 8 rmx)
5 blind propaganda (plastic noise experience rmx)
6 twilight world (higher states)
7 loosing the loop (it-nightmare lodge rmx)
8 lobotomie matricielle (delethere rmx)

Tasting new waters
tbr 2002
Alfa Matrix

tbr 2002
Alfa Matrix


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