Identifile: The Dawn Visitors


Roxane or []
Dark Electro/pop
Roxane - management + compositions + Lyrics / vocals
Mr Gore - E-Drums + lyrics
John Cult - Keyboards + arrangements + Lyrics
Joe and David - Show
short bio
[Séba Dolimont - Side-Line 25]
Roxane has always dreamt to sing on stage. When she was a child, she always saw herself as a vocalist. But it's not always easy to find someone who has the same dreams and ambitions. It's also a question of taste. In the '80's, she met some boys preparing a New Wave band called The Dark Rebels playing a music in the vein of X-Mal Deutschland and other the Cure.
After one year, they split, and it took her 6 years to find another band. During these years, she bought a keyboard and started to write some songs as "The Girl's trip to Thunder land", etc. She met Yvan (bass player of de Volanges) in 1992. He listened to her tapes and suggested she should become their keyboard player and vocalist. During almost 5 years, the band had lots of gigs (including London - Underworld with Rosetta Stone, three times in Poland, etc.) lots of challenges, and they acquired experience.

De Volanges had their first CD appearance on Gothic Enigma - vol. 1 sampler with "Drops Forget steel" (written and composed by Roxane) but never managed to get their own album released, although they had the chance to give what happened to become "their last session" a performance as opening band on the main stage of the Dour Festival 1997 (with Breath of life, Das Ich, Project Pitchfork and Sisters of Mercy).

Roxane then decided to start a new project on her own The Dawn Visitors (…) and presented her debut album "The dawn". "At the origin, the name of the Dawn Visitors was chosen to keep the DV initials, and reflects Roxane's taste and personality. She mainly listens to Dark-Electro-Gothic music in general. In her CD player, you can find today album by Rammstein, Moonspel, Paradise lost, Fading Colours. But she does not feel influenced by their music in particular. She may be feels very close to bands like Dead Souls Rising and Fading Colours for their femininity, but not more. Her debut album must be seen more like a test, exorcising some older songs and triggering the mood she wanted to have, not caring much about production and techniques. Poetry, Science Fiction and personal experience influence her texts. Overall that album is very pleasant moody melancholic dark wave music based on keyboards with female vocals. Simple, but so efficient and catchy sometimes that this Belgian band should be heard."

On stage, Joël and David make the happening of the show. Since December 1999, Gore (drummer) has joined the crew. Basically DJ (parties at the Cavern in Mons, and after parties in Brussels for the Creatures and Attrition), Mister Gore helps much for the compositions.


Upcoming release : album CD "Ordäl". Any label interested? please call or write to us!!!
exclusive webtrack: Nothing left but tears (live Brussels 2001)

other projects
- John Cult is also involved with The Third Brass Colective + his solo project "Hiroshimiq"
- Mr Gore is also DJ
The Dawn Visitors


The dawn
The dawn
1 Africa (Intro)
2 The arrival
3 The widow
4 She's in tears
5 The moon
6 Doleful voices
7 Talena
8 Drop forget steels
9 Brave new world
10 The power of God
11 The yellow rope
12 Africa (Epilog)

The ashes will never be cold
exclusive release for Gotham: 50 copies
The ashes will never be cold
1 1989
2 Nothing left but tears
3 Temptation
4 Blind

1 Posthumous joy
2 1989
3 Nothing's left but tears
4 Blind
5 That man
6 Temptation
7 Exorcism
8 The circle

1 The cube
2 An insult to common sense
3 Escape
4 All must perish

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