Identifile: IC 434


Geert de Wilde
updated: 07.2003
up-tempo dark electro with spacy influences
1991 - as Tales Of Doom
1994 - as IC 434
2003 - as Obedience
Current members:
Geert de Wilde: vocals, compositions, producing
Sven Kerstens: live keyboards
Bert Cruysweegs: live keyboards

Didier De Strooper: live keyboards, mixing
Genevieve Pira: live keyboards
Dimitri Van Spauwen: live keyboards
(Johan Van Roy: live keyboards during one concert)

short bio

After experimenting with sounds of pianos and old radios when he was 16, Geert de Wilde started making a kind of up-tempo EBM (which is still typical for IC 434) as TALES OF DOOM. He combined fast sequences and drums with obscure spheres, which wasn't that regular at that time. Playing keyboards in a deathmetal band style early GATHERING, called HARADWAITH, he got used to live performing in the period 1992-1994.

When more professional synth material (the legendary KORG M1) made its entry, The name of TALES OF DOOM was switched into IC 434, which stands for "International Catalogue no. 434", a scientific notation for a galactic cloud, called the Horsehead Nebula. Indeed, astronomical subjects and some philosophical reflections on this theme form the largest part of IC 434's lyrics. From then, Geert de Wilde has worked with several live key-boarders to ensure interesting live-shows.
The very appreciated concerts led in 1996 to a contact wit h Dirk Ivens (Dive, Sonar,...), who decided immediately to release the first IC 434 album Weathering Skies on his Body/Daft label. A second album was released in 1998, called Dogondance and in 2002, the third album The Banished was finally released.

To stay true to his principles, Geert de Wilde changed the name of IC 434 into Obedience in the summer of 2003. This for the simple reason that the good/bad old Korg M1 doesn't allow to satisfy his creative thoughts anymore. And this 1987 synth always formed the essence of the IC 434 sound. But don't expect a complete new style. The link with IC 434 will stay clear, as the new name Obedience already predicts. For example, some remixes from older songs as Horsehead and Drowning By Darkness are made at this moment.
In the meantime, Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe, front man of Empusae has joined Geert de Wilde, and together they will work out the new Obedience songs. While Nicolas will take care of slower and more atmospheric songs, Geert will mainly concentrate on up tempo compositions.



other projects
Pangea (ex-Temesta), Genocide (temporarely inactive) and Vomito Negro
IC 434


Paralyzed beyond
1 Paralysed
2 Dogonthoughts
3 Dreams on distance
4 Voice of the inside
5 Untitled
6 Eye of the oppressed
7 Horsehead (instrumental)
8 Approaching the woods
9 Triangle of the dragon

Drowning by
1 Catseye dispatched
2 Obedience
3 Drowning by darkness
4 Deadpit
5 The timetraveller
6 Horsehead
7 Allocation
8 Headwatch

Weathering skies
Body Records
Weathering skies
1 Eye of the oppressed
2 Horsehead
3 Drowning by darkness
4 Allocation
5 Headwatch
6 Rosswell addict
7 Catseye dispatched
8 The timetraveller
9 Dreams on distance
10 Mindtrap
11 Obedience
12 Deadpit

Body Records
1 Albatross
2 Salvation
3 Nature's disclosure
4 Pharaos (The gods are dead)
5 Jacob's ladder
6 Paralysed
7 Batfowl
8 Fading conscience
9 Fire run
10 Ferghana

The banished
Body Records
The banished
1 Electro convulsion
2 Harmony of worlds
3 Strangeitudes
4 Our great nation
5 Easter Island
6 Someone's suicide
7 Approaching the woods
8 Animal rights
9 Dear mother
10 Fascination unlimited

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