Identifiles: Belgian bands in the spotlight

Every several weeks, another Belgian act features on this collection of IdentiFile pages. These identifiles are created by the acts themselves. They will not be updated - except for the discography or sound bits - as they are meant to be a structured kind of interview, with a lot of extra information inserted.

act author date sound
Ionic Vision Sven Lauwers created: 01.2003  
Ztran Nick Van Dijck created: 05.2003  

act author date sound
A Split Second Chrismar Chayell created: 08.2002  
Stin Scatzor Stefan Bens updated: 11.2002  
IC 434 Geert de Wilde created: 06.2002  
Heyaeb Joachim Claeys & Jo De Paepe updated: 11.2002 x
Monolith Eric Van Wonthergem created: 06.2002  
Aïboforcen Séba Dolimont created: 03.2002 x
Star Industry Stijn Kuijpers & Peter Beckers created: 02.2002 x
The Dawn Visitors Roxane updated: 07.2003 x
This Morn' Omina Mika Goedrijk created: 01.2002 x
Spiral of Silence Tom Van Troyen & Achiel Keppens updated: 05.2002 x
The Last Fall Alain Posset created: 01.2002  

act author date sound
Propulsion Ben & Bart created: 12.2001 x
Implant Len Lemeire created: 10.2001  
This Vale of Tears Tom Simons updated: 12.2001 x
Empusae Nicolas Van Meirhaeghe updated: 11.2002  
Hybryds Magthea created: 06.2001  
Ah Cama-Sotz Herman Klapholz updated: 01.2002 x
Absolute Body Control Dirk Ivens created: 04.2001  

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page updated on 28.07.2003