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BDAMD has temporarely stopped offering frequently news updates due to a lack of time. To stay up to date, I'd like to refer to other sites that have been launched in the mean time.
You can however still view the news archives, dating from 2001 to 2003, through the news link.

Identifiles are band profiles, created by the bands themselves, with complete info such as members, history and full discography.

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15.05.2003 database # > C: completely updated
18.03.2003 Featal Void: band added
18.03.2003 Off: band added

site of the season
Abandoned places
"Old buildings, abandoned hospitals, industrial palaces overgrown with plants and trees, the remaining walls decorated with graffiti, smashed windows, rain dripping through the roof...
These places have become hard to find, difficult (or illegal) to access, dangerous to explore ... great to spend the day!"

This is the Belgian Dark Alternative Music Database. The mission of BDAMD is to promote the Belgian wave-gothic-electro-industrial scene, both from a historical point of view as in its present activities.
This site contains news, discographies, links, band files and a weekly updated calendar.

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