Identifile: Monolith


Eric Van Wonterghem or []
industrial techno
all sounds and programming done by Eric Van Wonterghem
'Compressed form': additional atmospheres made by Peter Hoste
'Tribal globe': etnic samples by Willy Van de Velde
short bio
As a former member of Absolute Body Control, The Klinik, Vomito Negro and Insekt, Eric Van Wonterghem started a small studio (1994-1999) and mastered and/or produced bands like The Neon Judgment, Electronicat, Test Department, Bauhaus, Winterkälte, Numb, Dive, Starfish Pool, This Vale of Tears, Suicide Commando and many more.
Later, in 1997, Eric also started Monolith as a one man project creating industrial soundscapes and beats including ethnic elements. Started as a small studio project, Monolith now plays several live shows all over Europe from small clubs to the major festivals...

[extended bio from the official website]
Monolith is Eric van Wonterghem, Started in the early 80’s as a member of Absolute Body Control before he became a member of The Klinik.
He left after the 2nd 'Plague' album to form Insekt with Mario Vaerewijck. With this succesfull band he released several albums on KK Records and played gigs all over Europe, Hungary, Czech Republic and Scandinavia with bands like Sloppy Wrenchbody, The minister of Noise and Dive.
Three years ago he also joined Sonar, a collaboration with Dirk Ivens - his partner now for years.

With his mastering studio Prodam he became a lot of respect in the alternative scene as he did several productions for Ant – Zen, Noise Museum, Daft Records, Discordia, KK Records, Sony music and many many more.

In 1997 a new project Monolith saw the daylight, a one man project creating industrial rhythmical soundscapes and a first CD 'Compressed form' was released on Daft Records.
The 2nd album 'Tribal globe', was released in 1999 and presented a new sound, more danceable than the first one with hypnotic tribal beats and highly recommended in several magazines and radio.
The 3nd album 'Labyrinth', was released in 2001 , electronic music that is made to move , this cd contains several dance tracks like 'Disco Buddha'.

Monolith live is an experience you wont forget that easy, in the last years he played numberous of gigs worldwide, Eric presents himself as a sound wizzard with his machines.

Do you like alternative music? All these nice bands and projects could disappear if you keep copying there cds... A lot of small independent and bigger labels are gone already, musicians need your support!

other projects
Sonar (Dirk Ivens + Eric Van Wonterghem)


Compressed form
Daft Records
Compressed form

1 Audio-decoder
2 Decompressed form
3 Between zero and one
4 The resolution
5 Virtual product code
6 Protodrive five
7 Entertune converter
8 Statis source zits
9 Crash comfort
10 The shapeshifter
11 Pxl flux v2.1

Tribal globe
Tribal globe
1 Edge of the earth
2 Matrix-b
3 Genetic simulation
4 Dreams of a journey
5 Radio interference
6 Tribal globe
7 Nomad
8 Sphere
9 Pulse
10 Asynchrone counter

10" picture disc
1 Dreams of a journey (remix) 2 Break down
b Tribal globe (cloac remix)
2 Reactor (previously unreleased)

Daft Records
1 Enter the maze
2 Paralyzed by fear
3 The wisdom of the prophet
4 Even when we sleep
5 Memories of sound (part1)
6 Memories of sound (part2)
7 Out of memory
8 Labyrinth
9 Overclocked heartbeat
10 Paranoid
11 Breath after breath
12 Eternity bonustrack: disco buddha

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