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It's clear that, since mid 2003, I no longer find time to update the news section as often as I should. This doesn't mean the Belgian scene is half dead, on the contrary. There was so much stuff happening, that it became a shame you couldn't read all of it here anymore.
In the mean time, several other sites have appeared, bringing news on the Belgian scene.

Maybe, in the near future, I'll start again offering frequently updated news. But for the moment, I return to the core activity which is the database. I hope I'll find some time to do a major update on that as well. But you'll surely read all about it in the BDAMD newsletter as soon as I do.

You can find the news archives on the following pages:
Jul-Dec 2001 | Jan-Jun 2002 | Jul-Dec 2002 | Jan-Dec 2003

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