Identifile: Propulsion


Ben Rosier / Bart Van Meulebroeck
dark electro / ebm
Bart Van Meulebroeck (vocals, synths)
Ben Rosier (vocals, synths)
Saskia De Wilde (live visuals, video projections)
short bio
In the past Ben worked for Radio central not only as a co-operator but also as a dj. Too much money spent on vinyl so making his music seemed much cheaper!! First instruments: Korg MS10 and MS20, the authentic TB303, Yamaha R5 drumcomputer or something like that, and a two track TEAC bandrecorder.
After a while the whole 'caboodle' was sold for a song (do you get the joke?) because our 'little digital boy' didn't have a clue how to synchronise the whole lot.
When in 1991 he had the chance to borrow a Korg M1 workstation, Ben started making some wilful cover-versions of Tom's Diner (Suzanne Vega), The Robots (the Krafties) and a decotion of Human Leage's Empire State Human, but of course, all these versions being none the worse for society!!!
For the second time he bought a computer (Pentium). His prehistorical verion, a Tandy TRS80 Model 3, couldn't fit the modern interior of his bedroom anymore. Ben discovered suitable soft and hardware to store his musical ideas. In 1997 the project was baptized as Propulsion! (praise the
lord((s) of acid?))

During a local gig Ben met Bart who was experimenting with his solo-project Artificial Night (Strange bleeps from outer space, if you ask me...) The musical resemblance (and of course many alcoholic beverages during the first night they met) was there so, B&B agreed to go on together, by using the name Propulsion.
After sending a few demos to labels, festivals, concerthalls, youthclubs and presbyteries, probably one of these tapes reached the Eurorock 2000 organisation and so Propulsion was invited to compete with other bands during preselections and finally they reached the final which they won.

Propulsion also joined in the Oost-Vlaams Rockconcours and enjoyed the rocking night (S**, Drumcomputers and (block) Rocking beats)!
This year Propulsion became Debuutrock 2001 laureat which included a concert in De Vooruit and a track on the cd-compilation.


Propulsion will sustain, maintain and if you don't understand these words, they will persevere!

other projects

Artificial Night (Bart's solo project) is also an underground project. At the moment it is very underground because since 3 years it has been completely silent.
Ben does some remixes every now and then (most of the time from his own work) using the pseudonym 'repo'.



No angel
No angel
1 Human catalyst
2 Stalker
3 Scuba
4 Liquid
5 The dark
6 No angel
7 Murder
8 Believe

Extended play
Exteneded play
1 Extended play
2 M.B.P.S.
3 Dionysos
4 Androgyn
5 Freaky
6 Steamer
7 Second moon
8 Life lover
9 Thanatos' theme
10 Hold me
11 No angel (remix)

No angel
1 No angel (original)
2 No angel (repo mix)
3 No angel (live)
4 No angel (remix)

Flesh & blood
Propulsion - Flesh & blood
1 Flesh & blood
2 Neglect
3 Human catalyst 2002
4 Saver
5 Omar cantar
6 Everything is gone
7 Rage
8 Slain
9 Whale inc.
10 Dark disco
11 P.T.O.
12 Attack

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