Identifile: Spiral of Silence


Tom Van Troyen / Achiel Keppens
New wave
Tom Van Troyen - vocals, bass
Gert Moerenhout - guitar
Jeroen Nuyts - keys
Achiel Keppens - drums

ex: Johan Gies - guitar (90-93)
ex: Bart Auwaerts - guitar (93-94)
ex: Jenny Dedoncker - keys (94-95)

short bio
The Spiral of Silence-story goes way back. It all started in August 1990: a couple of friends started a band called Theatre of Pain. Mainly influenced by icons such as Joy Division and Bauhaus, Theatre of Pain toured for a couple of years in Belgium. In 1993 a first demo (Theatre of Pain) was recorded. Things went well. The demo was re-printed a few times. The press was positive. "Beautiful Money" was a modest hit on alternative radio shows in Italy.

End 1993, guitar-player Johan Gies was replaced by Bart Auwaerts. This young but very talented musician had great influence on the band. His sound was very characteristic. Theatre of Pain was re-born. They sounded better than ever before. Not only did they become more mature, but due to Bart's guitar-work and the usage of synths they created an own sound...
Unfortunately, November 1st 1994, Bart Auwaerts committed suicide. Age 18. The band lost a friend and a non-replacable musician. They decided to continue, using another name...Spiral of Silence. Jenny Dedoncker joined the band and became full-time synth-player.

The name "Spiral of Silence" was derived from Noëlle Neuman's communication theory.This theory says that society always copies its leader's opinion and that their own opinion disappears in a spiral of silence...

End '95, a first demo was recorded: Connection. Connection contains a Joy Division cover: Atmosphere. The latter was played frequently on alternative radio-shows in Belgium, Italy & U.K.By the end of '95 Jenny decided to leave the band. She was replaced by Jeroen Nuyts, formerly leadsinger with Spiritus Mundi.

It was due to the radio-success of "Atmosphere" that Spiral was contacted by Energeia, an Italian label. Spiral of Silence signed a contract for a first CD... Leap. Leap meant a final breakthrough for Spiral of Silence. The album contains an overview of almost a decade of Spiral. It includes 5 re-mastered songs ('93-'95) and 3 new songs produced by Jeff Schmitt. Jeff is known for his work with "Swimming with Her", an experimental art-band from the USA. He also worked with artists like Michael Giles (ex-King Crimson) and Peter Gabriel.

Thanks to the Leap-album, Spiral was contacted by Belgian booking agency Purple Moon/The Inviation. Spiral played in Vooruit (Ghent) and on the biggest alternative festival in Belgium: Eurorock. They also made their appearance on Germany's biggest alternative festival, Leipzig Gotik Treffen, in font of 10.000 people!

The last year Spiral of Silence has recorded 12 new tracks for their forthcoming album dEcAdEnT. It was co-produced by Antonio Palermo, guitarist for the legendary Siglo XX. Also Metal Molly's Allan Muller produced some tracks (Metal Molly scored a hit with their track "Orange"; they even did support act for David Bowie). Spiral of Silence is currently looking for a suitable label to release its new album, a label who is willing to promote and distribute the band world wide.

Recently the band was contacted by Kloot per W. He strongly believes in Spiral of Silence's music and proposed to re-record certain songs from dEcAdEnT in order to get the attention of (bigger) labels.


For the moment, we are looking for a record deal to release our second album 'Decadent'. The songs are finished, recorded and produced, all that is to be done is the mastering and pressing. You can request our demo at

other projects
- coverband (Tom)
- "kAsH" (Achiel): recently, the first single was recorded: "Wandering". Style: synthpop, with some rock influences. All arrangements by Achiel. Guitar by Allan Muller (Metal Molly).
- The Honeymoon Cowboys (Achiel & Tom): new band, together with Antonio Palermo (Siglo XX)
Spiral of Silence


Theatre of pain
Theatre of pain
1 Euphon
2 Finally
3 Smithers-Jones - a sequel
4 Beautiful money
5 Advertise

1 Wallpaper
2 She's like a suppo
3 Connection
4 Maagdkanker
5 Mensenkind
6 Atmosphere

1 Leap
2 Copyright
3 Gewapende vrede
4 She's like a suppo
5 Connection
6 Maagdkanker
7 Beautiful money
8 Finally

4 track promo
1 Cats 'n dogs
2 Sometimes too much
3 How I miss you
4 Walk away

Live - Theatrium
Live - Theatrium

Seed dump
Seed dump
1 Seed dump
2 Walk away
3 Dead souls

Decadent will probably include following tracks:
1 Dead souls
2 Echo
3 Walk away
4 Zillion
5 Decadent
6 How I miss you
7 The end sucks

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